• Overview - China

    City Lights, Shanghai, China

     China is booming economically, this should be no surprise to anyone who keeps an eye on world affairs. As Europe and the United States continue to struggle moving forward, China's star has continued to rise. As a result, climbing the ladder in nearly any field can only be benefited by experience in this newly emerging powerhouse. ELI offers a huge variety of internships in Shanghai in nearly every field. From engineering, to medicine, to hospitality, to business and marketing, if you are one day hoping to work in a field with any international component, an internship in China is perfect for you.

    Shanghai is currently listed as the largest proper city in the world. With a population of over 23 million people (as of 2010), the city is the commercial and financial hub of China. With a top-of-the-line hi-tech public transportation system and every manner of entertainment at your fingertips, Shanghai is a wonderful place to jump in and really see the massive changes that have hit this country so quickly. Skyscrapers abut temples, while quaint back streets wind hidden beside massive thoroughfares. With the rapid urban to rural migration and the growth of a middle class in China, cars and buses have quickly replaced bicycles and oxen creating a unique mash-up that feels somehow unique to Asia.

    An internship in Shanghai will challenge your mind, allow you to finally take advantage of your education, and develop cross-cultural communication skills that are vital to work in the new economy. With all of this opportunity lined up waiting for you, why wait to get a jump start on your career?

  • International Business and Marketing

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    Shanghai is the world's busiest cargo port and home to an incredible number of businesses of all sorts. Interns can gain experience in almost any field of international business including import/export, finance, marketing, logistics, consulting, inside sales, human resources, research, and more. Interns work within companies and find themselves part of the day to day operations, attending meetings, conducting research, assisting with translation, meeting clients, and working on projects.

    This is our most flexible internship program.  Because each internship is organized on a completely individual basis, we can generally place interns in a company that closely matches their interests.  Companies range from start-ups to mid-size Chinese organizations and multinational firms. 

    Almost all business internships offer stipends for participants who commit to at least three months.


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  • Architecture and City Planning

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    Shanghai's skyline is a fantasy of modern skyscrapers towering over historic architecture including Neo Classical masterpieces on the Bund and traditional Chinese Architecture such as Yuan Garden, built in the 16th century. Shanghai's commercial and residential buildings showcase cutting edge interior design concepts and attract attention from around the world. Interns in the fields of architecture, city planning, and interior design work directly with professionals as project assistants and may be given more responsibilities with specific projects.

    Previous interns have assisted with the planning or large scale new buildings and entirely new planned communities.  The massive economic growth and development being seen in China makes this an ideal location for a student or early professional to refine his or her skills and gain international experience in a truly impressive environment.

    Most companies and firms offer a stipend to well qualified interns willing to commit a minimum of 2 months.


    "I was asked to give one or more lectures for my colleagues.... about my personal approach for how to design, and the impact of my cultural background juxtaposed to a Chinese context."
    -Felix E. 2012

    "I was able to see first hand how an architecture firm runs, and was taken in kindly by the staff and supervisors... This was the best abroad experience of the several that I've had. I can't express my gratitude enough to everyone who's helped along the process."-Varun D. 2011

    Check out the rest of Varun's interview to see what his internship experience was like. 



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  • Journalism and Translation

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    ELI works with several English-language media outlets based in Shanghai to create unique journalism internship opportunities. Writers can gain experience with a daily newspaper, weekly publications, or monthly magazines. Interns shadow reporters and may even have the opportunity to be published. Check out Sarah's interview to learn more about the Jornalism internships.

    Many companies in Shanghai have opportunities for interns who want to gain experience in document translation. Interns work under a translator and assist with editing roughly translated documents in order to be sure the finished product is written in proper colloquial English. Past interns have assisted with documents such as technical instruction manuals, programs for international conferences, and journal articles.



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  • Legal

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    A legal internship abroad can be both a challenging and exciting opportunity.  While different legal systems operate in completely different ways, with completely different philosophies and functions, an internship with a law firm in a different country can give a participant insight into the way legal and justice system works in a variety of different backgrounds.  While some of the specifics of the experience may not be directly applicable at home, the underlying concepts often are, and the knowledge and skills developed working internationally are directly translatable to a career in your home country.  Interns in this program have the opportunity to work directly with a Chinese law firm


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  • Engineering

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    As China continues massive levels of development and business expansion, infrastructure needs to expand as well.  This results in many new opportunities for foreign engineering interns.  Engineering students and recent graduates can work with firms specializing in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, steel construction, software development, wastewater engineering, and electrical engineering. Participants have the opportunity to assist with projects from their initial creation through to their completion at all levels.  Interns assist the firm's staff and may have the opportunity to participate in technology development, design, and facilities manufacturing.


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  • Hospitality

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    As the cultural and economic center of East Asia, Shanghai hosts millions of tourists and business travelers from every corner of the globe each year. Interns work at leading hotels and restaurants in Shanghai, assisting managers and learning the day to day challenges of serving diverse international clientele while managing local staff.  Throughout the rest of the country, there is a huge development push to create a hotel and hospitality system to rival that of Dubai.  Large 5 star resorts are being built with no expense spared.  This is a great time for interested participants to get experience in the luxury travel and hospitality field while living in exciting, up-and-coming regions.  While the majority of placements are located in Shanghai, interested interns can take placements in Beijing, Guangzhou, or in one of the beach resort cities in southern China.

    Most of the hospitality internships offer free accommodations and a food budget for on-site restaurants for interns committing to over 2 months.  


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  • Feedback

    For similar resources on other countries and programs, please see the "Experiences" tab above


    Denada's Photojournal


    Varun's Interview
     Sarah's Interview


    "Kenton went above and beyond what I could have asked for. Every time I had a challenge, he was there to assist me. If he didn't answer by phone or have an answer for me immediately, I always received an email from him. Every time I was anxious or second guessing myself or the program, he was there to provide support and a friends voice of reassurance. He was genuinely concerned about my success, and that made me feel I made the right choice in choosing ELI... This was the best abroad experience of the several that I've had. I can't express my gratitude enough to everyone who's helped along the process."
    -Varun D.

    "My internship was one of the greatest experience in my life. All of the people I had chance to work with and helped me to make this thing happen, were very professional, friendly and helpful."
    -Maciej W.


    "Keep an open mind about the job. It might not always be what you expect but try to remind yourself you wouldn't be in that country without it. In the end, it will be worth it for the experience you gained and what you are able to write on your resume... Try to make friends with your coworkers. They can be really helpful and can be a lot of fun to spend time with when you don't know other people in the city."
    -Sarah H.

    "You’re likely to befriend other expats during your time there. Such friendships are a welcome constant in a strange place, but if you’re really serious about improving your language ability, you need to maximize the amount of time you spend speaking to locals. Be active at work and don’t clam up."
    -Stephen L.

    "Learn as much Chinese as you can before going, even though it’s not required."-Daniel W.

    "I took day trips to Suzhou, Hangzhou and a 3 day long trip to Xian. I would highly recommend all of those. I’ve also visited a Propaganda Poster Museum in Shanghai which is sort of underground and a great way to learn about a part of Chinese past. I traveled to Beijing for the purpose of visiting the Great Wall and would not recommend spending too much time in that city. Following the program, I took one month to travel around Asia – great decision."
    -Dina A.

    "Explore the city. Go see the Bund, go up the Pearl Tower. Pudong is a great area for shopping, and the fake markets are a must see. I took trips to Beijing and to Suzhou (very easy to get to; only 30 minutes on the high speed train and beautiful canals and gardens) and would highly recommend going to both of those places on the weekends."
    -Eleasa V.


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  • Details

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    Program Includes:

    *Pre-departure information
    *Pick up from the airport
    *City tour
    *Internship position and visa sponsorship
    *24/7 emergency service
    *Mobile Phone
    *Apartment placement service (rent is usually $350-$450 per month)
    *Guaranteed stipend for internships 4 months or longer

    Program Does Not Include:

    *Round-trip airfare
    *Return trip to airport
    *Required travel and medical insurance
    *Visa fees and departure taxes


    In Shanghai, housing is not included with the program fee. ELI works with interns to set up a furnished apartment in the city prior to departing.Usually the apartment details are finalized a week before an intern arrives in Shanghai.

    Arrival Dates

    The start dates for the China programs are completely flexible. This program will not accept new volunteers between January 20-February 10 due to the Chinese New Year.

    Notes & Helpful Links

    Read up on Shanghai, China! Having some background information on the culture, history, politics will make your adjustment easier. Try and learn a few phrases in Mandarin. Participants will fly into Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG). You might be required to have a phone/Skype interview before being offered a position. Here's a handy tool to see what time it is in Shanghai: Time Conversion Tool. You will also want to check the Weather in Shanghai.  There is so much to see and do in Shanghai... Once you have exhausted the usual tourist destinations, here's a great list of recommendations for 10 Things To Do in Shanghai.

    Apply Now

    After you fill out the Application Form on our website, our application advisor will be in touch to help you with the next steps.  We have set up a checklist here for you see exactly what steps you need to take to go abroad with ELI.


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  • Cost

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    Length of Program Program Fee
    1 to 3 Months US$1250
    4 to 6 Months US$1750


    Application Fee: $200 
    (refundable only if we are unable to find a placement that matches your request)

    Medical Internships:  Additional $500 fee per month

    These programs require at least a one month commitment. In order to earn a stipend, participants must commit to at least 8 weeks. Internships can last a maximum of six months.


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