• Overview - Spain


    Modern Spain is a colorful mosaic of cultures and traditions. European, Middle Eastern and African influences are intertwined in this country’s art, cuisine, architecture and music. Whether you are in one of the vibrant metropolitan areas or in a sleepy seaside village, Spain’s living history surrounds you. Gothic cathedrals, Roman ruins, and Moorish fortresses coexist in a fascinating combination that has attracted visitors from around the world.

    During the height of its power, in the 16th and 17thcenturies, this relatively small Iberian country controlled a vast empire that stretched throughout the Americas, Africa and Asia. One legacy is the millions of native Spanish speakers around the globe; the language of Castile (Spanish or castellano) is now the world’s second most common first language.

    In recent times, 30 plus years of democracy have allowed the country to modernize its infrastructure, beautify its cities and become the fourth largest economy in the euro-zone. Today Spain is both a modern, industrial nation and a beckoning tourist destination with sparkling beaches, exceptional food and wine, and more UNESCO world heritage sites (40) than any country in the world except Italy.

    ELI offers internships in Madrid, the elegant and sophisticated capital, and in Barcelona, the bohemian, art-filled city on the Mediterranean coast. Programs start with four weeks of intensive Spanish so that participants can brush up on their language skills and gain confidence. During the month of language lessons, interns will also work closely with the staff in Spain to identify potential internship locations, learn about Spanish business culture, and do mock interviews.  Please click on the other tabs to learn more about this two part experience.

  • Language Classes

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    Part I: Language Course

    The Spain program in Barcelona or Madrid begins with four weeks of intensive Spanish classes. These classes are mandatory as companies in Spain have high expectations for their foreign interns and advanced skills are necessary for a successful placement. Classes are small (maximum 10 students) to ensure individualized attention during the 20 hours of weekly instruction. Students will improve upon their language skills and learn about Spanish business culture while also preparing for the practicum portion of the experience through mock interviews and resume writing workshops. During these first four weeks, students will also work closely with the local coordinators to identify potential internship placements in the student’s field of choice as well as schedule in-person interviews.

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  • Internships

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    Part II: Practicum (Internship)

    Once a company has extended an offer, students will complete the eight weeks of internship/work experience.· Through the internship, participants will gain hands-on work experience with a major Spanish company in their field of choice while at the same time putting their language skills into practice.· There is no better way to gain fluency than living and working in the language on a daily basis!

    Areas of focus:

    • Business
    • Marketing
    • Tourism
    • Hospitality
    • Communications/Media
    • Graphic Arts
    • Publishing
    • Computers and IT
    • NGOs
    • Cinema and Entertainment
    • Sports
    • Fashion
    • Shipping and Logistics

    Companies we have worked with in the past include:

    Madrid Life Magazine·
    Virtual Group
    Rafael Hotels
    Catenon Human Resources


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  • Details

    Program Includes:

    *Pre-Departure Materials 
    *Airport Pickup (optional $120) 
    *Orientation Session 
    *Intensive Spanish Lessons 
    *Internship placement 
    *In-country support 
    *US based staff support

    Program Does Not Include:

    *Round trip airfare 
    *Required travel and medical insurance


    Options for housing in Madrid and Barcelona include shared apartment, student residence or host family.  Prices vary according to the type of housing selected, as well as the services included (shared vs. single room, number of meals,etc.). Please inquire for the full price list.

    Arrival Dates

    The Spain program starts every first Monday of the month, year round.  Be sure to check with the Spain Program Specialist before you book your plane tickets.

  • Cost

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    Costs are approximate, based on current Euro exchange rate.

    Please contact us for exact prices.


    Language Classes and Internship
    12 Weeks Shared Apartment Student Residence Host Family
    Regular Program US$3950 US$5460 US$5275
    Business Spanish US$4396 US$6076 US$5891
    Internship Only* US$2926 US$4421 US$4606

    *native speakers only

    Application Fee: $100


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