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Nepal Announcement

With the current situation in Nepal, we will not be accepting any new volunteers for May or June. Relief agencies will be hard at work, and the country’s infrastructure will be severely strained trying to support the people of Nepal. Once the situation stabilizes, the skills that individual volunteers can provide will be sorely needed. Please consider helping out after this initial period. We will be tailoring our projects to fill needs as they arise.

Poland: Youth Camps and After-School Programs

English-speaking volunteers are needed to work and play with needy children and young people throughout the city. Volunteers will teach English in an informal, fun setting, and help out with field trips, sports, and art/music/computer projects. If you play an instrument, sing, play basketball, soccer, etc., or just want to teach English, you are welcome to join and help out. You’ll work with children who come from impoverished or dysfunctional families.

For more info, including accommodations and cost, visit our Poland page.