• Thailand: Elephant Camp

    Thailand: Elephant Camp

  • India: Women and Social Services

    India: Women and Social Services

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    Kenya: Youth and Orphans

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    Ireland: Internships

Kenya: Long Term Social Welfare Programs

For people looking to be fully immersed in rural Kenyan life, the long term community development internships are designed to give participants the opportunity to gain significant experience in international development through working with local organizations in small communities far off the tourist trails of Kenya. These internships have a three month minimum time commitment and can last up to a full year. All projects are initiated by the community and designed for long-term sustainability without outside donations. Projects are available in the areas of education, capacity building, social work, HIV/AIDS education, environment, public health, microfinance, conservation, human rights, cultural heritage, female genital mutilation, and performing arts.

For more info, including internships for students, accommodations and cost, visit our Kenya page.