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    Thailand: Elephant Camp

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    India: Women and Social Services

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    Ireland: Internships

Poland: Senior Centers

Participants work with a local non-governmental community center that supports middle aged and elderly folk. The center primarily runs educational activities such as language courses, seminars, continuing education courses, computer classes etc. The association aims to positively occupy the time of the elderly, especially the women. And to give them access to modern technology. The center also works to break down the negative stereotypes that are associated with old age. The center has an open computer lab for member’s use. There are also continual lectures, discussion groups, hobby groups etc. that occur on a regular basis. The center also has several long-term initiatives that they work with. This program gladly welcomes those who wish to teach English, Computers or anything else that might be of interest.

For more info, including accommodations and cost, visit our Poland page.