Youth Initiative


As a registered non-profit, ELI helps fund worthwhile projects around the world, but our primary mission is to send people to lend a helping hand and also as cultural ambassadors. To this end, we have launched our Youth Initiative. A new program designed to get volunteers to programs for kids in developing countries. We've chosen locations where the need is the greatest and have lowered the cost dramatically. Check out these programs. If you cannot participate, please consider donating $2 to our volunteer scholarship fund (yes, that's all we're asking!) by visiting our shopping cart. Every cent we receive goes towards scholarships for these programs.

Starting at $285 for 2 wks with meals and accommodation! (Nepal)

initiative-costa-rica Costa Rica

Daycare Centers in Liberia. Volunteers spend their time with infants and toddlers helping with a variety of tasks and playing games. Live with a local family.

initiative-ghana Ghana

ELI works with several different orphanages throughout Ghana, helping the often overworked staff to keep the facilities running. Orphanages rely on the assistance our volunteers can provide to insure that they can accept as many children as possible. Each orphanage houses anywhere between 20 and 100 abandoned children. Live with a local family.

initiative-india India

One of the most friendly and welcoming environments you will ever experience. Our orphanage program in India will give you much more than you can ever give it. This is the epitomy of what we look for in our Youth Initiative program. 2 weeks $400 with all meals provided.

initiative-kenya Kenya

Nakuru, Kenya is a favorite of volunteers. However, poverty and the scourge of HIV have created huge needs among the children of the region. Work with orphans or disadvantaged youth. Live with a local family.

initiative-mexico Mexico

The beautiful colonial town of Merida in the Yucatan State has excellent government-run children's home. Live with a local family and volunteer with disadvantaged and orphaned youth. Live with a local family.

initiative-nepal Nepal

Extreme poverty and rapid population growth have been hard on the youth of Kathmandu, Nepal's capital. Work in an orphanage here in the Himalaya's. Live in our volunteer house in the heart of Kathmandu.

initiative-nicaragua Nicaragua

We love the program for disadvantaged youth that is located right in the heart of beautiful Granada, a colonial gem. Live with a local family.

initiative-south-africa South Africa

Capetown provides the backdrop for our programs with orphanages in South Africa. ELI works in the townships on the outskirts of Cape Town. Accommodation in shared apartments with other volunteers and interns.

initiative-uganda Uganda

Iganga, Uganda is an amazingly welcoming town near the source of the Nile River. The AIDS epidemic has overburdened local orphanages and children's homes. Your help is sorely needed. Live with a local family.

initiative-vietnam Vietnam

Work with disabled children in booming Ho Chi Minh City or beautiful Dalat. Live in a guest house.