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Cost & Details


Application Fee: $200 The application fee is a separate administrative charge for all programs. It does not apply to the program fee.
(Please see our application fee refund policy here)

All Programs: $795 

This is a one-time fee that remains the same no matter how long participants stay with the program. The programs in South Africa can last any length of time from two to six months.

Rent: If you decide to use our housing, rent is due monthly in Cape Town. Rent costs approximately $350 per month depending on where the participant stays and shared utilities for the month.  WiFi is available in most housing, and is billed according to the size of the download.

Sample Budget: $200 application fee, $795 program fee, $350 per month for rent, roundtrip plane tickets, travel insurance, $100 per week for food and getting around the city, fun money for activities (shark cage diving, surf board rental, sand boarding, etc.)  

All prices are listed in US Dollars. The program fees reflect the costs ELI faces when setting up a program. We work hard to keep our costs as low as possible. ELI is a registered 501(c)3 non profit. US taxpayers may be able to deduct some or all of the program fees (for volunteer projects only). If you are outside the US and wondering what these costs translate to in your currency, click here for an online conversion tool that will give you the approximate current exchange rate.

Program Includes:

*Airport Pickup in Cape Town
*Orientation Upon Arrival
*Work Placement
*In-country coordinator available 24/7

Program Does Not Include:

*Round-trip Airfare
*Required Travel and Medical Insurance
*Visa Fees


We are very proud to offer internships and volunteer projects with some of the best companies and NGOs in the Cape.  These positions are intended for mature and responsible participants who can keep to a schedule and commit themselves to the position.  Further, our group housing is fairly independent: ELIers purchase their own groceries, commute to and from their work sites without supervision, and pay rent monthly.

Placement Process:  Please apply 3 months in advance for internships.  When you have been accepted to the program and the application fee is paid, then we send your file to relevant organizations and companies and we discuss your education, work experience, interests, proposed dates, and their needs and upcoming projects.  Once we find a position that we feel is a good match, and they make an internship offer, then we contact you to book your plane tickets and we email you an invoice for the program fee.  Sometimes there are more than one potential internship, and in that case we will contact you to see which would be your preference.  If we are unable to find a suitable placement for you (it's rare, but it can happen in specialized fields) then the application fee is 100% refunded.  If you decide not to go, the application fee is not refunded. The placement process in Cape Town can happen quickly or it can take up to 8 weeks - it depends on your field of study, experience, the time of year, etc.  Be sure to apply well in advance to ensure plenty of time for sourcing an ideal placement.  If you are working under a university deadline, we need to be informed of that deadline in your initial application.

Accommodation:  If you elect to use our housing, your housing assignment will be made a week or two before your arrival in Cape Town.  We work hard to minimize your commute time and match you with roommates who have similar interests whenever possible.  ELIers in Cape Town are from all over the world, so be prepared to live with an international bunch.  ELI arranges accommodations in shared houses and apartments in safe neighborhoods all over the city. Rent is not included in the program fee, it is due on the 1st of each month in Cape Town.  Rent is approximately $350 per month depending on where you stay and shared utilities. Bedrooms are typically shared, so if you would like a single room be sure to make a special request and know that rent will be a little more per month. All housing comes equipped with security, furniture, dishes, linens, WiFi and maid service. No meals are included with the accommodations, but each apartment or house has a full kitchen for participants to use.  If you are living in one of our shared houses, the bedrooms are single-gender but the houses are mixed-gender.  

Arrival Dates:  The arrival dates for the South African programs are very flexible. We ask that no participants arrive on a Sunday, and no participants arrive December 23-27 or December 31-January 3. This allows our coordinator and staff in South Africa to spend the Christmas and New Years holidays with their families.

Visa: We will help you plan for your South African visa.  Check to see if your passport is from an exempt country.  

Notes & Helpful Links: Participants will fly into Cape Town International Airport (CPT). Here's a handy tool to see what time it is in Cape Town: Time Conversion Tool.  If you live in the northern hemisphere, remember that seasons are the opposite!  Check the Weather in Cape Town.  Be sure to consult the Center for Disease Control's recommended immunizations. There is so much to see and do around the Cape... Once you have exhausted the usual tourist destinations, here's a great list of recommendations for 50 Things To Do in Cape Town Under R50.

Apply Now

After you fill out the Application Form on our website, our Application Advisor will be in touch to help you with the next steps.


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