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Cost & Details


Length of Program Teaching/
Children's Home
Elephant Camp
 1 Week  N/A  US $800
 2 Weeks  US $800  US $1100
 3 Weeks  US $910  US $1400
 4 Weeks  US $1020  US $1700
 5 Weeks  US $1130  US $2000
 6 Weeks  US $1240  US $2300
 7 Weeks  US $1350  US $2600
 8 Weeks  US $1460  US $2900
 9 Weeks  US $1570  N/A
 10 Weeks  US $1680  N/A
 11 Weeks  US $1790  N/A
 12 Weeks  US $1900  N/A
Length of Program Medical and
Dental Intern
 2 Weeks  US $1250  N/A
 3 Weeks  US $1530  N/A
 4 Weeks  US $1810  US $1400
 5 Weeks  US $2090  US $1620
 6 Weeks  US $2370  US $1840
 7 Weeks  US $2650  US $2060
 8 Weeks  US $2930  US $2280
 9 Weeks  US $3210  US $2500
10 Weeks  US $3490  US $2720
11 Weeks  US $3770  US $2940
12 Weeks  US $4050  US $3160

Application Fee: $200
Application Fee: $200 The application fee is a separate administrative charge for all programs. It does not apply to the program fee. (Please see our application fee refund policy here

Most programs may last up to six months because of visa restrictions. Private rooms can be provided at additional cost.

Program Includes:

*Pre-Departure Packet
*Airport Pick-Up in Chiang Mai
*2 Day Orientation & City Tour
*Breakfast (except the elephant camp, which includes 3 meals a day Mon-Fri)
*Access to a Travel Nurse and Activities Coordinator
*24/7 In-Country Support

Program Does Not Include:

*Round-Trip Flights to Thailand
*Return Taxi to Airport
*Required Travel and Medical Insurance
*Visa Fees
*Lunch and Dinner (except elephant camp)


All ELI participants in Chiang Mai or in Bangkok live in the volunteer house. Bedrooms are shared when the house is at capacity, so be prepared to have lovely roommates. Only breakfast is provided at the volunteer houses.

Elephant Camp volunteers stay Monday-Friday on site in small, charming huts onsite at the camp. Each has a basic bedroom and a small private bathroom. Three meals a day are provided at the camp, Monday through Friday. On weekends, when the camp is closed, volunteers can make side trips of their choice or go back to Chiang Mai, where there’s always plenty to see and do.

Start Dates

Plan to arrive in Chiang Mai or Bangkok on one of these Fridays between 8am and 8pm.  We cannot move you into our housing before an arrival date.

2018 Arrival Dates: March 2, 16, all projects and volunteer housing is closed the entire month of April, May 4, May 18, June 1, 15, 29, July 13, August 3, 17, 31, September 14, 28, October 12, November 2, 16, 30, and December 14

These dates are not flexible, as mandatory group orientation starts bright and early on Saturday morning and runs through Sunday.  The first day at your project will then be Monday.

Medical/Dental Internships:  Internship dates cannot be changed after the application is complete, as it negatively impacts the hospital and hospital staff. A Letter of Recommendation from either a professor or supervisor in the field is required.

School/Teaching Placements:  The Thai school year begins in mid-May and ends at the end of February. There is also a three week break in October. Therefore, blackout dates for our teaching projects are:  March, April, the first half of May, and October.  A criminal background check is required in order to work with children. 

Public Holidays:  There are a lot of Public Holidays in Thailand, it is a festive country! Note that most projects will not have work for you over all of the holidays on this list.  Be ready to take a break and perhaps partake in the festivities.

Notes and Helpful Links

Here is a handy tool to see what time it is in Thailand: Time Conversion Tool.  Be sure to pack for the weather in Chiang Mai or Bangkok, and keep in mind that April tends to be the hottest month of the year.   For immunizations, we defer to the recommendations from the Center for Disease Control.  Learn a few Basic Thai Phrases before you arrive, you will frequently encounter language barriers - it's best to be prepared.  Lastly, pick up a guide book - there is so much to see and do in Chiang Mai and Bangkok!

Travel insurance is not included in the program fee. We prefer to let participants decide what kind of coverage they need.

All prices are listed in US Dollars. The program fees reflect the costs ELI faces when setting up a program. We work hard to keep our costs as low as possible. ELI is a registered 501(c)3 non profit. US taxpayers may be able to deduct some or all of the program fees. If you are outside the US and wondering what these costs translate to in your currency, click here for an online conversion tool that will give you the approximate current exchange rate.

Apply Now

After you fill out the Application Form on our website, our Application Advisor will be in touch to help you with the next steps.


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