Bryce and Melissa in Nepal


Bryce and Melissa 2012 May – June

In our second week working to help the children in the Baal Sadan orphanage, the manager organized for all of us to take a weekend trip to Nagarkot, a small village in the mountains outside Kathmandu Valley. This overnight stay in a beautiful setting was a great way to bond with the children and also a wonderful break from the high energy of city life in Kathmandu. For most of the children, this was their first time leaving Kathmandu since coming to the orphanage and was also their first time staying in a hotel. Needless to say, they were ecstatic once they learned of the plans and their smiles never left their faces throughout the trip.

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On Friday afternoon, Kapil, the manager and founder of the orphanage, organized a private micro-bus to take us to Nagarkot. The drive was a very enjoyable one and a half hours because of both the beautiful scenery and also the excitement the children displayed. Once we arrived at the Sunrise Hotel, we took a short rest and took in the view of the mountains before our dinner at a nearby restaurant. The restaurant served the traditional Nepali dish "dhal bhat" and tea in a pleasant setting before we returned to the hotel.
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Early the following morning Kapil, a staff member and the volunteers were taken to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise over the mountaintops. On clearer days, Mt. Everest is visible from this location. Though it was a bit cloudy, the sunrise was still incredible in such a setting. After the sunrise we returned to the hotel to wake the children and went to the restaurant and were served toast and eggs from the local hens. In the daylight, the view of the mountains from the seating area behind the restaurant was quite impressive. While the original plan was to remain in Nagarkot for much of the day, a strike in Kathmandu could have potentially left us stranded outside the city so we returned after taking breakfast.
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Even with the plans being cut short, our time in Nagarkot with the children was unforgettable. The following weekend the children kept repeating how much fun they had and all drew pictures of their favorite parts of the weekend.
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