Located between Vietnam and Thailand, Cambodia shares many of the same virtues and problems as its neighbors. The tropical beauty of its beaches, jungles, and river life will not disappoint. The cuisine also has many similarities with its more famous neighbors. What sets it apart are the famous ruins of Angkor Wat, truly one of the world's most impressive archeological sites. Unfortunately, Cambodia also shares its neighbors' troubled relationship with democracy. Currently, the country is called a "constitutional monarchy." Although there are elections, one party controls the government, and the Prime Minister has no intention of stepping down.

As one of the world's poorest countries, Cambodia has needs that no amount of aid can eliminate. Hunger, poverty, oppression, and corruption are widespread. ELI volunteers have much to choose from. We can't expect to change the country overnight, but the ongoing presence of international volunteers and tourists helps keep the country moving forward towards a more liberal and progressive society.

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