montanasChile is a land of extreme and sublime beauty. It has the world's driest desert in the north and glaciers that extend to the end of the world in the south. The Andes and the Pacific Ocean create the perfect setting for a country that is bordered by mountains and sea all along its length.  Raging rivers, snow-capped mountains, glaciers and endless coastline make Chile the adventure traveler's dream.

With a growing economy and political stability unparalleled in Latin America, Chile is the perfect place to find new opportunities. Our programs are primarily based in Santiago, the capital of the country. Santiago is a vibrant metropolis considered one of the most modern and exciting cities in Latin America. Santiago is a place full of culture and entertainment, with a strong European influence, where economic development is tangible and the lights never go out. There are also limited placements available in Valparaiso and ViƱa del Mar.

ELI offers a number of volunteer and internship options in both nonprofit organizations and companies. We have long-term internships in a variety of fields including Law, Engineering, and Health. Our programs are the perfect opportunity to develop your skills in a professional work environment and learn about the functioning of a country in the process of economic growth. Chile is also a country committed to reduce social inequality, a pressing issue throughout Latin American. Volunteer opportunities for social aid projects are available in a number of areas and can be arranged on an individual basis.


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