There is no country more beloved by those who have visited than Nepal. Its warm and friendly people, a rich cultural heritage, and scenic beauty defy the imagination. Nepal is one of the few places where Hindus and Buddhists live together in harmony. This country has long been a popular destination for explorers and nature lovers. At any given moment Kathmandu is overflowing with visitors from all corners of the globe.


The hot terai of the north Indian plains gives way to the foothills, then rise dramatically skyward to the icy Himalayan peaks, topping off at Mt. Everest - the highest point on earth at 8850m. Visitors revel in experiencing some of the most incredible trekking in the world, white water rafting, visiting game parks and nature preserves, or simply spending the day leisurely floating on the peaceful waters of Phewa Tal in Pokhara.

In spite of these natural blessings, Nepal is one of the poorest countries ELI works in. With a per capita income of approx $490 per year, most Nepalese live well below the poverty line. Different efforts have been made through governmental organizations to improve the deteriorating situation, but the villages of Nepal show very few effects of relief and development efforts.

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