Morocco - Virtual Internships and Volunteer

Don't let the current travel restrictions limit you this year. We're all adjusting to the new (hopefully temporary) normal. We know that a major plus of an international internship is the opportunity to travel to a new and exciting place, and Morocco definitely fits the bill. But there are other important benefits to consider, the professional and educational benefits of seeing how things are done around the world in your field of interest. Virtual internships allow students and graduates to work remotely, to gain relevant industry experience as well as meet academic requirements, while gaining insights to another culture.


Projects in the areas of:

  • Social Media Management
  • Video Making
  • Graphic Design and Community Management
  • Journalism and Media Writing
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Story Writing
  • Editing

General Background: Morocco does not have a good record on freedom of speech. Human rights activists are often at the forefront of the battle calling on Moroccan authorities to protect the right of expression under international law. This project works with a local news agency where freedom of speech, democracy, transparency and integrity are at the core of what they do.

Organization: Morocco World News
Supervisor: TBD
Organization description: Local news agency with a global outreach to the Moroccan International community. The online publication appeals to high-level individuals with links to Morocco. The publication’s mission is to report on Moroccan and MENA regional news in English, without bias, or a political agenda. The reach of the publication is between 15,000 and 20,000 individuals daily. Subjects reported on address the international community on political, economical, and societal issues. The publication is the only one of its kind in Morocco and is funded by private individuals. Need for interns: There is always a need for extra hands, especially as the agency lacks resources in the area of editing, social media, video making, graphic design, community management, writing, advertising, marketing and story writing.

Intern requirements: Interns are required to have a good grasp of English and should have access to a computer and internet.

Available add-ons:

  • Language classes in French or Arabic language on one on one basis.
  • Follow up trip to intern or volunteer with our local partner
NGO Support, Women’s Empowerment, Fair Trade and Social Enterprise Internship

Projects in the areas of:

  • Translation French-English
  • English writing and doing research
  • Filling Project Application
  • Graphic Design
  • Communication and Website content Building
  • Project Development
  • Grant Writing

General Background: National and international context is dynamic when it comes to digital literacy. Morocco is now a country of movement especially in the field of social enterprise as well as socioeconomic strategies. The country’s efforts target leadership and employability. Amazigh (Berber) girls in rural areas are facing many problems. People in economically disadvantaged villages have suffered from decades of neglect and oppression. Unemployment is high, while access to basic services such as education, health care and infrastructure is exceptionally poor. Organizations involved with Women’s Empowerment, Fair Trade and Social Enterprise of the Amazigh women need interns to assist in the fight against poverty and increase the digital literacy of the community of Tiznit.

Organization: Amazigh Girls Matter
Supervisor: TBD
Organization description: Amazigh Girls Matter is the first non-profit organization to specifically target the rights of Amazigh girls. It was founded by Amazigh girls from across Morocco and is run almost exclusively by Amazigh girls. The mission of the organization is to ensure that the Amazigh girls of Morocco are given due recognition of their language, heritage and civil rights in law and public policy. The non-profit also seeks to promote the Amazigh culture and heritage to encourage the preservation of the Amazigh identity. The organization seek to educate people both in Morocco and abroad about the challenges faced by Amazigh women, and all Amazigh people in general. It spread awareness globally about the Amazigh people and culture, and debunk the common perception that Morocco is an exclusively Arab state.
Need for interns: The general need of interns for the project is to federate Amazigh girls who produce indigenous products (honey, cosmetics, argan nuts derivates, aromatic and medicinal plants, dates, saffron) and help them commercialize these products. The interns will get involved in the design and organization of a representative committee for the Amazigh girls producing indigenous products. Interns will be involved in connecting with fair trade organizations and preparing documents presenting the initiative. Interns will also be involved in identifying funding opportunities and formulate a thorough proposal to ensure the sustainability of the project. Intern requirements: Interns are required to have a good grasp of English. Also, interns should have access to a computer and internet connection.

Available add-ons:

  • Language classes in French or Arabic language on one on one basis.
  • Follow up trip to intern or volunteer with our local partner
Online Education for Migration and Refugee Program
Projects in the areas of:
  • Education
  • Curriculum Development
  • NGO support

General Background: Historically, Morocco has been a transit country for Sub-Saharan African and MENA region migrants travelling across the Strait of Gibraltar to Europe. Many are attempting to escape political unrest, civil wars and economic turndowns trying to get to European’s most popular cities. However, many end up staying in Morocco as they fear to get caught and be deported back in their home countries. The project supports migrants and refugees working with an organization that promotes their integration within the Moroccan society by providing them with education, professional training and social assistance. Organization: Foundation Orient-Occident Supervisor: Migrant Coordinators at the Foundation Organization description: Moroccan non-profit organization recognized of public utility. Intellectually and practically conceived as a bridge between the two shores of the Mediterranean, its mission is to come towards the difficulties of migrants, refugees and the disadvantaged youth, and to promote employability by setting up socio-educational and professional training centres. Foundation Orient-Occident also works for the protection of diversity, and for the valorisation of all cultures. It organizes events to promote cultural diversity. It also offers workshops and classes for migrants and refugees. Need for interns: Interns are needed to teach English via Zoom. Interns will be asked to prepare lessons and work with a set number of migrants each day depending on availabilities. Interns will receive applications and emails to help organize and categorize the profiles of migrants and their specific needs. In addition, interns will be required to write reports and evaluation. Intern requirements: Interns are required to have a good grasp of English. Any knowledge of French would be an asset for this specific internship. Also, interns should have access to a computer and internet connection. 

Available add-ons

  • Language classes in French or Arabic language on one on one basis.
  • Follow up trip to intern or volunteer with our local partner