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Safari Beer in ZanzibarAnyone who likes beer can relate to this photo. This could be a million different places and beers, but it happens to be a beachfront restaurant in Stone Town, Zanzibar. The beer is called Safari. Most countries have a beer or beers that are similar. Our old friend and longtime ELI employee, Raissa, used to call this "yellow beer." That says it all. Whether it's Corona in Mexico, Gallo in Guatemala, Taj Mahal in India or Singha in Thailand, there is always a mass-produced and mass-consumed beer that tourists latch onto, maybe buy a t-shirt or two to remember it buy.

On my last trip through Nairobi Airport, I went into a restaurant while I waited for my connection home. I ordered a Tusker (Kenya's most popular beer). A young American at a nearby table noticed and left her friends to quiz me on my beer preferences. She was recording people's feelings about Tusker, which she thought was the "best beer ever!" Now, I happen to own a few Tusker t-shirts, but only for the novelty. I'm afraid I was a bad interview. Tusker is no better than Safari or Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, or Nile in Uganda (in fact I'd say Nile is the best of the bunch). Tusker is a fairly low-alcohol, light tasting yellow beer (or lager). They all taste good on a tropical beach, or on safari. The fact that we drink these beers while having amazing travel experiences no doubt colors our impressions of them. So enjoy! I can tell you that the beer in this picture was highly appreciated.

By Kevin O'Neill


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