International Internships

International Internships

The global economy needs global talent, people who understand how to work and communicate in other cultures. Those who stay at home, never testing their comfort zone, have cut themselves off from the astounding possibilities awaiting the global citizen. At ELI, we realize the rewards, both personal and professional, that come from international experience. Our mission is to open the door to the world for you. Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America: the opportunities are waiting.

We work with organizations and individuals around the world forging relationships and creating an infrastructure that enable our interns to live and work in a secure environment. As our intern, you will have in-country support to ease your way into the local culture, to advise you and help you when the need arises. If you are looking to become a more interesting, well-rounded and experienced candidate as you set out on your career, we can help you towards that goal.

We offer internships in 24 countries, but our widest selection can be found in Ireland, China, South Africa, Brazil, and France. All internships are unpaid except in China, where interns often receive a modest stipend that covers their accommodations.

How do I search for an internship?

Search by country, using the locations map or the "Locations" menu above, or if you would rather search by field of work, consult the table below. Don't see what you want? Ask us! We can't list everything here. We may be able to arrange it for you.

Architecture Chile China  Ireland India South Africa
Business Argentina  Chile  China  France  Ireland  Mexico  South Africa
Conservation Argentina  India Mexico Peru South Africa Brazil
Dental India  Nepal  Thailand
Engineering China  Ireland  South Africa
Fashion France  South Africa
Graphic Design Argentina Chile  China  France  Ireland  South Africa
HR Ireland  South Africa
Human Rights Argentina Cambodia Ecuador  Peru  India  Nepal  South Africa
IT Chile China Ireland  South Africa
Interior Design China  France  South Africa
Journalism Argentina  Benin  China  Chile  Ecuador  India  Thailand
Legal Argentina  Ecuador  Ghana  Kenya  Ireland  South Africa
Medical See our page devoted to medical internships
Marketing Argentina Chile China  France  Ireland Mexico South Africa
Micro-Finance Chile  Ecuador  Kenya  Mexico  Uganda
Nutrition Ecuador  Philippines South Africa
Physical Therapy Ecuador Guatemala Nicaragua  South Africa  Thailand  Vietnam
Public Health Most countries
Special Education Cambodia Ecuador India Kenya  Philippines
Urban Planning China  Ecuador  South Africa
Veterinary Argentina  Brazil  Ecuador Ireland Kenya South Africa
Water/Sanitation Ghana South Africa
Wildlife Argentina Brazil  Ecuador  Kenya  South Africa  Thailand  Uganda
Wineries Chile  South Africa