Argentina: Virtual Internships

The Virtual Internship Program in Argentina is a remote learning experience focused on career readiness and the development of key professional competencies carried out from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

Interns are paired with a host company in Argentina where they gain firsthand experience with a remote-working technologies, gain valuable professional skills relevant for their future careers, and learn about the business landscape of Argentina– all from the comfort of their home. Through regular interactions with their internship supervisor, participants are exposed to a different culture and develop critical thinking and communication skills as well as intercultural fluency, which helps prepare them for the job market.

Using various tools including online learning platforms, self-reflection assessments, and regular evaluations, virtual internships propel participants one step closer to their intended career.


-Work from home with your own schedule

-Eliminate the expense of traveling and living abroad

-Learn from tutors who care

-Develop online skills to keep up with today’s market

The remote internships includes:


-Pre-internship program

-Working remotely webinar

-Unlimited access to our platform and video lessons

-Weekly meetings between the CW supervisors and the interns

-Cultural activities

-Customized virtual internship

-Post-program webinar

Fields of interest:

-Human resources and recruitment

-Marketing and advertising

-Medicine and Public Health



-Graphic Design

-Finance and Consulting

-Education and Teaching

Application Process

1. Initial agreement: The program manager interviews the intern on his or her interests, reasons for doing the internship, companies they like, field of interest, etc

2. First meeting: A virtual meeting takes place with the intern, his or her supervisor, and the CW mentor to discuss the week’s progress so as to revise the work plan and expectations. This meeting can be repeated every week.

3. Final evaluation: Similar to the previous meetings but conducted at the end of the internship, it is an opportunity to get feedback from the supervisor and mentor, and to reflect upon the overall experience.

Dates: We are very flexible regarding dates and duration of the program. Check with our program counselors to see which options suit you best.