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The diversity within Tanzania is stunning. The country is home to over 120 ethnic groups, the equatorial snows of Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti plains teeming with wildlife, and the white sand beaches of Arab and Indian influenced Zanzibar. You'll stay at the base of Mt. Meru, and within view of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It will truly be one of the most beautiful places you ever visit. 

Volunteer and Internship Programs

Primary School

The Tanzanian primary school curriculum is very rigid and all-encompassing and the main method of teaching is ‘Talk and Chalk’. Most teachers are open to different methods of teaching but the curriculum is a constraint to what can be done. You will work with students in grades 1-7. The school offers book clubs, storytelling and art classes to the younger children. You are free to take the initiative in finding simple arts and crafts projects.

Besides teaching the children arts and crafts the school buildings need some extra TLC as well. Are you good with a pencil and a paintbrush? You are welcome to create educational murals on the school’s walls. There is also a sports program. Every Friday afternoon is committed to sports. You can organize sports classes together with other volunteers or teachers. The children are excited to do any kind of sport, but especially football (soccer), basketball, cricket.

Early Childhood Education

Work with a foundation that focuses on providing opportunities to the needy children to get quality education and help them reach their dreams. The foundation has a nursery school and day care center that teaches preschool subjects like simple arithmetic, phonics, and language skills. As the kids grow, many are sponsored in their educational pursuits. More than 59 children are sponsored to attend private and public primary schools. Two girls and one boy are sponsored to attend vocational training colleges.

Infant Care

Cradle of Love

Due to poverty and insufficient healthcare, the mortality rate for pregnant women is much higher than in wealth nations. If the mother dies and there is no wet nurse and the father or relatives cannot afford baby formula, the infant’s life is also in danger. That is where Cradle of Love Baby Home (COL) steps in to help. COL cares for the infants until they are weaned and can return home to a family member. Some babies are abandoned, and so COL care for them until adoption can be arranged.

Women's Empowerment

Our women's program is at a center for girls who have either dropped out of secondary school early or finished secondary school but failed. At the center the girls attend English and computer classes for three months as well as receiving career advice/life skills trainings from their matron. After the three month program, the center sponsors the girls in job training courses such as preschool teacher training, laboratory assistant training. The goal for each girl is to have the opportunity to gain financial independence to prevent early marriage and early pregnancy.

Volunteer activities include

  1. English and/ or Computer teachers
  2. Grant writing
  3. Skills training (i.e. sewing, basic entrepreneurship skills, auto mechanic training, electrical training, computer repair, or any other job skills that volunteers have)
  4. Sports and Games volunteers
  5. Sexual health and/ or empowerment training

Dog Shelter

The dog rescue program focuses on providing animal welfare services for domestic dogs in Tanzania. The mission is to:

  • Aid in the reduction of disease, especially rabies amongst dogs and control reproductive numbers.
  • Ensure that any animal that is abused, injured or in danger to itself or others is rescued with the intent on improving its health and well-being.
  • Ensure that once a dog has been rehabilitated and is in good health that it is re-homed where it will receive continual care and rehabilitation.
  • Raise the level of community awareness regarding animal rights and welfare of domestic dogs and other animals.


Under construction

Cost & Details


Length of Program Volunteer
2 Weeks US $733
3 Weeks US $898
4 Weeks US $1063
5 Weeks US $1228
6 Weeks US $1393
7 Weeks US $1558
8 Weeks US $1723
9 Weeks US $1888
10 Weeks US $2053
11 Weeks US $2218
12 Weeks US $2383

What's Included/Not Included

Program Includes:

*Airport Pickup
*2 Meals per day (M-F only)
*Orientation Upon Arrival
*Volunteer Work Placement
*In-country coordinator available 24/7

 Program Does Not Include:

*Round-trip Airfare
*Return Trip to Airport
*Required Travel and Medical Insurance 
*Visa Fees

Apply Now

After you fill out the Application Form on our website, our Application Advisor will be in touch to help you with the next steps.


About 15 minutes east of Arusha city center, in the Kwa Mrefu neighborhood, you'll find the "Inn by the Hill”, our volunteer lodge, your home in Arusha. This is an amazingly fertile region with abundant vegetation and trees. Set within the green belt of Arusha you can be sure there will always be a gentle breeze upon your face with fabulous views of Mt Meru.

The lodge has 10 self-contained rooms. Some rooms have a veranda and there is a large communal veranda upstairs for everyone. Also for communal use are the kitchen, living room, dining room, a lush garden, and the volunteer community center

On the same street where the volunteer lodge is located are local shops where you can get your daily groceries and other household goods. You are also just 5 or 10 minutes from the amazing Tengeru market. What's that? Check Google images! It's teaming with activity and women in breathtakingly colorful clothes.

Just across the street from the volunteer lodge you’ll find the dala dala, a minibus used to taxi passengers up and down the road. A dala dala sits about 10- 20 pax and it’s a safe and cheap way of travelling from A to B.

Start Dates and Visa

Arrival Dates
Start dates in Tanzania are flexible, but if possible, arriving on a weekend is a great way to start your program.

All travelers headed to Tanzania are required to get a visa either in advance, or upon arrival. It is very easy on arrival, so we strongly recommend this. Cost is $50 for most nationalities, but $100 for U.S. citizens. Our staff will meet you upon arrival at the airport as you exit customs.

Volunteer/Internship Permit
Tanzania requires ALL non-residents to get a permit to volunteer or intern. The cost is US$200, and is the same for everyone. The permit should be purchased at the airport on arrival.



Join international volunteers, many of them Spanish-speakers, in a unique program that engages and educates through soccer. Founded in 2012, the organization uses “the beautiful game” as a tool for building teamwork, discipline, skills and self-esteem. More than a hundred underprivileged boys and girls take part, and volunteers are needed for everything from coaching and offering support, to reffing and organizing tournaments. Volunteers will also help organizers with fundraising, website translation and program development.

Where Can I Go?