Latin America

Volunteer and internship programs in Latin America through ELI International Volunteers will immerse you in one of the many unique countries of the region. Abundant opportunities exist in both South and Central America. We offer volunteering and internships, summer programs, yearlong programs, winter breaks, spring breaks, mid-career sabbaticals, you name it! You can work abroad in a booming metropolis like Rio, Buenos Aires, or Santiago, or a Mayan village in the Yucatan, or the breathtaking heights of Cuzco in the Andes of Peru. Volunteer work, whether humanitarian or environmental will place you inside a local community. We offer homestays in all of our locations here. You will no longer be the tourist looking in from the outside. Some organizations offer "voluntourism." We offer cultural integration. It's not for everyone, but the rewards are so much greater. And of course, in all but Brazil, you will be able to improve your Spanish by leaps and bounds. Visit our pages for the 9 Latin American nations where ELI works by using the menu to the left or the program list below. We look forward to seeing you in in Latin America soon!

Programs in Argentina

Check out the Argentina page for the following programs: at-risk youth, nutrition/soup kitchen, teaching, Buenos Aires zoo volunteer, sustainability & Environment in Patagonia, business, marketing, graphic design, human rights, journalism, law, medicine.

Programs in Brazil

Check out the Brazil page for the following programs: teaching, orphanages, conservation, national park work, wildlife conservation.

Programs in Costa Rica

Check out the Costa Rica page for the following programs: daycare centers, teaching, after school programs, women's empowerment, conservation, wildlife, sustainable agriculture...

Programs in Ecuador

Check out the Ecuador page for the following programs: orphanages, teaching, community development, animal rescue, wildlife, sea turtle conservation, medical, special education, physical therapy, nutrition, human rights, law, media.

Programs in Guatemala

Check out the Guatemala page for the following programs: hogares comunitarios, after school programs, at-risk youth, women's empowerment, teaching, life-skills education, microfinance, public health, medicine, HIV/AIDS education, physical therapy, psychology, sea turtle conservation, sustainable agriculture.

Programs in Mexico

Check out the Mexico page for the following programs: children's home/orphanage, Mayan community development, eco-tourism, teaching, agriculture, sustainable development, international trade, small business development, tourism, hospitality, sea turtle conservation.

Programs in Peru

Check out the Peru page for the following programs: orphanages, at-risk/abused youth, teaching, single mothers, human rights for domestic workers.
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