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Volunteer or Intern in Morocco



You don't need to be a trained teacher to contribute to the education of young Moroccans. Do you have advanced or native skills in English or French? Are you a wizard on the computer? Languages and IT skills will open doors for your students.

Volunteer and interns tasks include running small workshops, helping local teachers and organizing instructional games and other helpful activities. Volunteers and interns can also help in summer camps. When applying volunteers must choose Teaching English or French; if you can teach both it should be outlined on your application form.


Childcare volunteers work with children who have special needs and children from low-income areas. You will organize and participate in enrichment activities for the children. You will create daily activities for physical and cognitive development, music, sports, games, language, literature, arts and crafts and theater. Your work day will generally last 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week. Because of its flexibility, this is an ideal program to combine with Arabic of French studies.

Women's Empowerment

In 2005, the Moroccan government launched the National Initiative for Human Development. One of its key components was women's empowerment through education, healthcare  and job training. Illiteracy is common among Moroccan women. This leads to unemployment and poverty. Volunteers work in Rabat or in rural villages. In addition to teaching language, volunteers can be involved sewing, teaching art, arranging sport and activities, teaching computer science and offering academic support for girls. Other areas for qualified volunteers are finance, management and other work-related activities in schools, high schools and universities in addition to providing moral and social support to female victims of domestic violence. 


For this program, volunteers and interns must have at least an intermediate level of French or Arabic. Many of the women with whom you'll work do not speak English.


We have a wide network in Rabat that allows us to place you in a custom-tailored internships. Here are some of the most common fields:

Human Rights
At-risk Youth
Women’s Empowerment (intermediate French)
Non-profit (NGO) Support
Midwifery (basic French)
Nursing (basic French)



 Program Fees & Other Details


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