Lowest Cost Programs

Low-cost, high-quality programs are possible! We often get the question "What is your cheapest program?"  We also get the question why is it so cheap? The price of our programs is based on two things. First is the cost of running the program in the country. Some locations are simply more expensive.  The second is based on our non-profit status. Since we only need to charge enough to cover our expenses, we have the option of subsidizing some of our programs.   Here are a few programs that we offer basically for free. See our blog post "Volunteer for Free."

Check these prices (including meals and accommodation)!

header 08 Bali

STARTING AT $495 for 2 weeks


cambodia-03 Cambodia

STARTING AT $440 for 2 weeks

Live and work in Phnom Penh, the exciting capital, or in Siem Reap, home of Angkor Wat, one of the world's great archaeological treasures. In addition to a wide array of worthy volunteer opportunities, this is a great hub for amazing weekend getaways to Cambodia's beautiful beaches and islands (think Thailand without the tourists and high prices), to Laos, Vietnam or Thailand.

header 01 Kenya

STARTING AT $470 for 2 weeks

Our volunteers in beautiful Nakuru, home of one of the world's most amazing wildlife parks without breaking the budget. Volunteer with kids for a super low price.

initiative-nepal Nepal

STARTING AT $335 for 2 weeks

Our Youth Initiative programs is $285 for 2 weeks (Sept-April). This is our lowest cost and most popular program. It goes up during the summer months, but at $585 is still a bargain. Kathmandu is simply one of the most fun cities in the world for the frugal traveler - cheap eats, handicrafts, transportation, and of course is the doorway to the most amazing sights on the planet - the Himalayas.

initiative-uganda Uganda

STARTING AT $395 for 2 weeks

Iganga, Uganda is an amazingly welcoming town in a lush area in Southern Uganda near the Kenyan border, Lake Victoria, and the source of the Nile River. Live with a local family and have a true African experience, and know that the help you give is truly needed. Rafting on the Nile, hiking in the mountains, or visiting the mountain gorilla preserve are some of the weekend possibilities.

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