Ireland internships are one ELI's most popular programs. Understandable! Who wouldn't want to spend time in Dublin? Whether you want an internship in business, marketing, IT, museums and art galleries, photography, tourism, finance, accounting, law, graphic design, you name it - it can probably be arranged in this European capital. Here's your chance to get real-world experience in the European Union. See our Ireland pages for why Ireland is such a great choice for an internship.

Museums & Galleries

While specific projects vary with the institution's needs and priorities, interns have the opportunity to work in diverse settings, such as curatorial, education, conservation, administration etc. Interns participate in the ongoing work of a particular department, complete a project or a distinct portion of a larger project. Interns work alongside staff members in a tutorial arrangement and gain invaluable skills and training in museum and gallery practice. This internship is great for undergraduates and graduates interested in pursuing a career in museums.  Museums usually require a time commitment of 8 weeks. Questions? Click here

"I learned a lot about how archiving works, got great experience for my CV, an excellent cover letter, and made connections that will likely help me to find a career in that field when I move over there (I intend to upon graduation)...[On an average day] I would go in to work at about 10, tea break with everyone at about half 11, work more until about 1, lunch at the cafeteria next door or out by the pond if the weather was nice until half 2, and then work until 5 or half 5. I did things like scan slides, and old folklore notebooks from the 30s, put things into the database, sorted and archived old journals, and I also re-labeled some files in the last couple of days...Don’t pass up any opportunities. Best summer of my life." - Kaleigh

Please Note: Museum placements are competitive. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to check on the waitlist.


Human Resources & Public Relations

HR and PR interns gain experience in either a private consultancy or in a department within a large company. HR interns are involved in a variety of tasks including interviews, issue letters of acceptance/rejection, and be a part of training and development. Interns are exposed to the employment procedures of a foreign country, and gain knowledge of Irish labor laws. Those focusing on PR work either on projects for a specific company, or assist a large team with long-term tasks.  Interns must have an educational background in HR, PR, or related fields.

"I had an absolutely fantastic experience at my internship. The individuals I worked with recognized quickly that I was capable of more than basic administrative work, and had no problem giving me more responsibility and more “real” work to do. They were also really welcoming and treated me like a true member of their staff. I was working at a relatively large company (especially for Ireland) so being able to have exposure to a lot of different aspects of Human Resources (the area I interned in) was really interesting."  -Lauren, HR Intern

"[On a typical day I would] get in at 10am, read the newspaper, have a meeting to define what is to be done that week, begin a task, take a 1 hour lunch, return and finish up my task or assist other co-workers with a task and then go home at 5 pm... Don’t be afraid to explore and take risks! As long as you are not alone, I recommend just seeing where the wind takes you. We ended up stumbling upon some beautiful places and meeting amazing people. Although we planned some great trips, it was fun to not have a plan and just get up and go." - Jacquelyn, 2012 PR Intern



Interns in this program work under the direct supervision of veterinarians in their private offices, mainly with domesticated animals. This program is open to current veterinary students, vet tech students at least 21 years of age, and licensed veterinarians. These placements are competitive, so students will be asked to submit a copy of their transcripts for acceptance to the veterinary internship program. The minimum time requirement is 4 weeks and space is limited. Questions? Click here 



Interns can work in either inbound or outbound tourism, and placements are available in a variety of settings including tourism marketing, tourist information centers, operational office assistance, etc. Interns have the opportunity to work behind the scenes, doing tasks such putting together travel itineraries and visa applications. Interns can also work in the tourist office of some of Dublin's most popular cultural attractions, and be in direct contact with tourists. Interns must have a demonstrated interest or educational background in tourism. Questions? Click here 



There are a few exciting options for interns interested in photography:

Private Studio: We have a relationship with a private photography studio that is looking for interns to assist with photo finishing and editing. This is a great option for budding photographers to hone their skills and learn about the business. The studio focuses on in-house portraits and weddings.

Archival: The second option is a new opportunity to intern with an organization that has a comprehensive political and social photographic archive dating back to the early 50's, comprising in excess of 400,000 images, documenting all aspects of Irish contemporary life. Interns are needed who want to gain hands-on work experience in a photography archive. This internship would suit students or recent graduates (particularly in Irish studies / Museum, archive or Heritage studies / Curatorial or Visual Arts), who require archiving experience or practical experience in a photographic or arts organization. By the end of the internship you will have experience of cataloging and digitizing the collection and will have had an introduction to curtain processes and to working within a dynamic arts organization. Questions? Click here


Media, Graphic Design & IT

 Interns interested in media placements can choose to work in one of many different areas, such as print media, radio, TV, and film. Graphic design is a possibility for interns who have demonstrated knowledge of the most popular software applications. IT internships are available in Software Product Development, IT Networking, Telecommunications, Web Development, E-Commerce/Marketing, and CRM Systems. Areas of work in these positions vary according to the needs of the organizations at the time. Questions? Click here

"I just want to thank you so much for everything. I had a great time there in Dublin. Every day was so special, my internship and my family was absolutely perfect...that was the time of my life." -Design Intern - Thomas


Finance & Accounting

Interns entering an internship in Finance/Accounting/Economics will have the chance to experience the financial operations of a bank or of a busy company dealing in the products and/or services sectors. Typical intern’s tasks include processing of purchase orders for payment, payroll duties, income audit and analysis, issuing of payments and processing of invoices. Questions? Click here



Interns have the opportunity to work with marketing departments or firms in a wide range of areas. Interns can gain experience in a variety of aspects such as advertising, public relations, media planning, sales strategy and more. Interns will be able to work on specific projects, or be involved with long-term strategies. Questions? Click here

"Thank you for all your support and help during my great time in Ireland! It was a great experience and after my move to the student's accommodation it was the best time of my life! The internship was also fantastic and I will miss Dublin and the beautiful Irish countryside!" -Katharina



Interns can work in a variety of legal areas such as business law, family law, probate & wills, and property law. This is a great experience to learn about Ireland's Common Law system, and to become familiar with Irish legal practices. Interns may also be invited to attend court hearings on current cases. Most of the firms ELI interns work with are small to medium size and Irish.

Different positions are available for law school students, recent graduates, and pre-law undergraduates. Minimum time commitment is 6 weeks.  Note that the courts are closed for summer holiday the entire month of August, so interns will not be attending court hearings in August. Questions? Click here

"From day one they put me to work. It wasn’t just busy, useless work, but doing actual things pertaining to cases. For example, discovery for cases, sitting in and taking notes at trials, subpoenaing Garda officers, I also did filing and copying, as well as acting as a runner to different judicial buildings...I would start work at 9:30AM, write a memo or two for a case to stick in the file, then I would head down to Four Courts to get documents stamped and lodged, which could take up to a few hours depending if the lines are long. At 1:00 I would have an hour lunch break. After lunch, I would usually have to go around the corner to get affidavits notarized, or go somewhere else to get copies of certificates, or lodge documents up the street. During downtime I would read up on upcoming cases or be copying papers for evidence in trials. Once 5:00PM came around I’ll head to the post office to drop off the post and head to the registry. At 5:30PM the day was over and I would go back to my host house in Artane."-Grace, 2011


English Classes in Dublin

We are very proud to offer classroom language instruction in the heart of the city to both students and professionals.  There is a $100 USD application fee, and then 2015 prices are:

2 weeks with Homestay $1050      2 weeks with Student Residence $1115

4 weeks with Homestay $1940      4 weeks with Student Residence $2070

6 weeks with a Homestay $2830   6 weeks with the Student Residence $3030

This includes airport pick-up, tuition for 15 hours of classroom instruction per week, materials, and the homestay option includes 2 meals a day.  We ask that participants arrive on a Sunday, preferably before 8pm. Classes are rigorous and meet during the day, so cannot be done concurrently with an internship.



 Program Fees & Other Details


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