Volunteer or Intern in Africa


Volunteer or internship programs in Africa through ELI International Volunteers introduce you to this misunderstood continent by making you an active member of a local community. Look beyond the problems and you will discover the friendliest people on the planet, not to mention the breathtaking wildlife. We offer volunteering and internships, summer programs, yearlong programs, winter breaks, spring breaks, mid-career sabbaticals, you name it!

When you come to know Africa, you will probably return time and again, as many of our alumni do. Past participants have returned to start orphanages, a TB ward, a food project for kids, and more. Several have created foundations to support projects they have come to love. One couple adopted a child. You too may develop a life-long passion for this continent.

Choose humanitarian aid, working with orphans, micro-finance, healthcare, conservation work, or perhaps intern with a law firm in Kenya, a multinational corporation in Cape Town, South Africa, ELI International Volunteers provides seemingly endless opportunities! Visit our pages for the 6 African nations where ELI works by using the menu to the left or the program list below. We look forward to seeing you in Africa! 

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Programs in Benin


Check out the Benin page for the following programs: orphanages, teaching, conservation, agriculture, public health, medicine, journalism.

Intern or volunteer abroad in Ghana

Programs in Ghana


Check out the Ghana page for the following programs: orphanages, women's empowerment, teaching, public health, medicine, conservation, construction, law and legal aid, journalism, community development, water and sanitation.


Programs in Kenya


Check out the Kenya page for the following programs: orphanages, at-risk youth, football (soccer) coaching, women's empowerment, community development, deaf education, International Workcamps, wildlife, conservation, microfinance, law.




Check out the Morocco page for the following programs: teaching, childcare, women's empowerment, journalism, microfinance, midwifey, nursing.

Intern or Volunteer Abroad in South Africa

Programs in South Africa


Check out the South Africa page for the following programs: orphanages, teaching, refugee aid, wildlife, public health, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, media and marketing, fashion tourism, wineries, engineering.

Volunteer or intern in Uganda

Programs in Uganda


Check out the Uganda page for the following programs: orphanages, women's empowerment, teaching, microfinance, HIV/AIDS, public health, medicine, wildlife, conservation.


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