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Portugal - Under Construction


The Country

Portugal! Sunshine, beaches, picturesque cities that blend the old and new, friendly people and prices that are lower than most of Europe. All this makes it a great destination for volunteer and internship programs. Don't speak Portuguese? English is the second language of a large portion of the population, and we've found that many businesses and volunteer organizations welcome English speakers. As the capital,Lisbon is the a logical choice for an internship; so much going on. From its historic European port, great food, more sunshine annually than any capital in Europe (edging out Athens), and beautiful panoramic views from its many hills, the quality of life makes it a great place to spend time.  History abounds in Porto, where we have teamed up with some great volunteer organizations. As you stroll its winding, historic streets you'll feel the authenticity of this Portuguese gem. Throw in the hip riverfront, beautiful beaches and its outdoor café life, and you'll see why many travelers count this as their favorite city in Portugal and even Europe. PORTO See the Tourism Board Video CLICK

Volunteer in Porto or Intern in Lisbon

Neighborhood Revitalization - Construction

In Portugal, over two million people are in danger of living in poverty, including 500 thousand children and their families. This program directly helps these families by giving them a decent home. We mobilize national and international volunteers to rebuild and repair their houses so they have a healthier and happier place to live. The students will have the opportunity to be integrated into a team of volunteers from all over the world that have a common mission. Painting doors, repairing the rooms’ floor or fixing the bathroom wall will be part of your daily tasks. You don’t have to be an expert in construction as there will always be a supervisor explaining how to perform the tasks and making sure everything you do is correct.The results of your work are tangible and truly meaningful from day one and the smiles on the family faces when moving in again are priceless. Questions? Click here

Fighting food waste and hunger

This kind of program is catching on all over the world. Volunteers will actively contribute to fight food waste and hunger in a structured system that feeds over 3000 people every day. You will help the local teams collecting, organizing and distributing the food excess from restaurants and cafés to fight food waste in the city. Volunteers will support a network of centers which recover perfectly fine excess food from local restaurants, supermarkets and cafés and re-distribute it among families, elderly and homeless people in need. Tasks will include collecting the food from local providers, assisting with packaging it, assisting with sorting and storage of any food left for the next day, distributing it to the families and clean up at the end of the shift. Questions? Click here

Education Support for Under-Priviledged Children

Take it from us, nothing is more fulfilling than working with kids to enhance and enrichen their education. Perhaps you remember visitors to your classes when you were a kid. Maybe a special teacher's aid. Even the best teacher can't make class exciting all the time! Even in Europe with its strong support of education, some children are left behind. Although all Portuguese children have access to school, there is no guarantee school will provide the kind of stimulation that will lead to success as adults. Our volunteers help different NGOs promoting several and diversified extra-curricular educational initiatives for underprivileged children and teenagers. As a volunteer, you can propose and implement new extra-curricular activities or work with ones that are already in place. Do you have a skill or passion that you would like to share? Sports? Crafts? Languages? Music? Dance? Here's your opportunity! Questions? Click here

Internships in Lisbon


Our program in Lisbon is set up to provide services to non-profit organizations and some private companies that have expressed willingness to take on an intern. Here is a brief list of some common areas.
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • IT
  • Tourism
  • Hotel management
  • Special Education
  • Veterinary
  • Women
Questions? Click here