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For many people, Bali is far and away the most culturally fascinating island in Indonesia. While it is fully and completely a part of Indonesia, it is often spoken of as an entity separate from the rest of the country. Balinese culture is renowned as being unique in its blend of influences from all over Asia and the Pacific. As the home to nearly all of the minority Hindu population in Indonesia, the food is unique in its substitution of pork into traditional Indonesian dishes. Shadow puppetry and Balinese dance take on a unique flavor as well, making this destination an enchanting spot for any traveler.

As with any tourist destination, however, there is an unseen undercurrent to Bali. Wealth, it would seem, rarely trickles down from high-end casino and hotel owners to the community which surrounds it. There are, behind the glitz of the resorts and the white sand beaches, people with very real needs. Interns and volunteers with ELI have never shied away from using their skills to genuinely help local people in a socially responsible and self-sustaining manner, and these projects in Bali provide the same opportunities. Use your background and education to truly help people while at the same time experiencing the hospitality of the Balinese people.

Volunteer Programs

  • Children


    We work in over 15 kindergartens in Ubud and its surrounding villages. Moreover, we have our own self-run kindergarten for 4-5 year olds, who can attend it for free. Introducing young children to the English language at such an early age will give them a great headstart.

    Like in kindergartens throughout the world, the teaching is informal as the children will want to play with you more than to be ‘taught’. However, simply by getting them enthused about coming to school, giving them some very basic English phrases such as simple greetings, you may well have sown the seeds of a lifelong learning habit.

    The children will all be excited to see you and exceptionally welcoming, partly due to the natural and genuine friendliness of the Balinese, but also due to the fact that you will be one of the few foreigners they have met!

    Questions? Click here

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    After you fill out the Application Form on our website, our Application Advisor will be in touch to help you with the next steps.

  • Education


    As in most of Asia, the ability to speak English is a valued skill in Bali, and ELI Abroad’s English-teaching volunteers are warmly welcomed into the island’s village classrooms. We offer placements at elementary schools around Ubud where you’ll teach grade schoolers, or at a kindergarten where you’ll work with 4 and 5 year olds.

    You will be provided a general curriculum to follow and have time in the mornings to prepare your class, which you’ll teach in the afternoon. While the basics to cover are outlined in provided materials, it’s up to you to cover the material in a fun, creative way. Think games, songs, and music: the kids should be having fun as they learn. If you’re new to teaching, or just need some support, ask ELI Abroad to partner you with another volunteer to make the process a little easier.

    While no teaching background is required for these placements, volunteers must have an excellent command of English and must enjoy working with children.

    Please note that in general, Bali’s school year begins in mid-July and ends at the end of April. There’s a two-week break at the end of December through the New Year. Questions? Click here

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    After you fill out the Application Form on our website, our Application Advisor will be in touch to help you with the next steps.

  • Conservation

    Environmental Awareness

    Do you have skills relating to ecology and environmental protection you’d like to share with Bali’s children? If so, ELI Abroad can arrange a placement where you could offer a special course to elementary school students. This is an opportunity for outgoing, self-sufficient volunteers who can design the program with minimum outside support or materials and make it compelling by adding a hands-on outdoorsy component. An example would be a focus on toxic materials such as plastics with age-appropriate explanation of how they affect the environment, and a field trips into the countryside to pick up discarded plastic bottles. Another example is a focus on the importance of clean water to humans and wildlife. The goal is to instilling awareness in young children about the fragile but interdependent relationship between man and nature, one of the key issues of our time in Bali, and around the world. If you’re environmentally inclined, creative and love teaching, contact ELI Abroad and make a difference in Bali! Questions? Click here

    Turtle Conservation

    Animal lovers, zoology and marine biology students, or those who simply want an off-the-beaten path experience should consider the Turtle Conservation Project on Nusa Penida, a small island off the coast of Bali.

    As an ELI Abroad volunteer, you’ll live on Nusa Penida, located about 45 minutes by speedboat from Bali, and join a team working to protect the endangered sea turtles of Indonesia. Your work will include hands-on care and feeding of turtles living at the project’s conservation center. You’ll also help to keep wild turtles’ habitat clean with beach clean ups, assist in waste management improvement, and take part in public information and education campaigns.

    The work is meaningful, and the setting is very non-touristy. Nusa Penida is a quiet place with only a few shops and very basic accommodation (but practically on the beach!). Questions? Click here

    Apply Now

    After you fill out the Application Form on our website, our Application Advisor will be in touch to help you with the next steps.

  • Construction

    Building and Renovation

     Few volunteer placements offer such instant gratification as helping to build or renovate a facility or a home for a needy family: You see your project grow and know exactly just how much you helped to make it happen. Now, ELI Abroad can place you at a construction site in villages around Ubud. No professional building experience is required, but you must be ready for hard physical work: you may be laying bricks, doing carpentry, painting or help with landscaping or gardening. A local coordinator will offer training, and you’ll work along other volunteers and participating local villagers. Please note: participants in the building projects will be charged an additional $50 for the purchase of their construction materials. Questions? Click here

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    After you fill out the Application Form on our website, our Application Advisor will be in touch to help you with the next steps.

One Week Add-Ons

Here are three optional activities that you may add to your program to make it even more amazing!

Programs - Bali

Cost and Details

  • Cost - Bali
    Length of
    Construction Medical
    2 Weeks US$495 US$530 N/A
    3 Weeks US$715 US$795 N/A
    4 Weeks US$935 US$1060 US$1500
    5 Weeks US$1155 US$1325 US$1830
    6 Weeks US$1375 US$1590 US$2160
    8 Weeks US$1815 US$2120 US$2490
    10 Weeks US$2255 US$2650 US$2820
    12 Weeks US$2695 US$3180 US$3150


    Length of
    2 Weeks US$680 US$850
    3 Weeks US$1020 US$1085*
    4 Weeks US$1360 US$1500*
    5 Weeks US$1700 US$1910*
    6 Weeks US$2040 US$2320*
    8 Weeks US$2380 US$3140*
    10 Weeks US$2720 US$3960*
    12 Weeks US$3060 US$4780*

    *The turtle program price includes a one week cultural program in Ubud before you move to the turtle project. We recommend this introduction. So a 3 week program would be 1 week in Ubud and 2 weeks in Nusa Penida.

    Application Fee: $200
    (Please see our application fee refund policy here)

    Most programs can last up to six months because of visa restrictions. Private rooms can be provided at additional cost.

    Apply Now

    After you fill out the Application Form on our website, our Application Advisor will be in touch to help you with the next steps.

  • What's Included/Not Included

    Program Includes:

    *Pre-Departure Packet
    *Airport Pick-Up in Bali
    *24/7 In-Country Support

    Program Does Not Include:

    *Round-Trip Transportation to Bali
    *Return Trip to Airport
    *Required Travel and Medical Insurance
    *Visa Fees

    After you fill out the Application Form on our website, our Application Advisor will be in touch to help you with the next steps.

  • Accommodation and Meals


    The Balinese place great importance on family and our houses are located amongst Balinese compounds, where you will get the chance to interact with local families and practice your new-found language skills. You can expect to share a room (dormitory style) with four to eight other volunteers. The bathroom is shared, with a hot water shower and western toilets.

    Food arrangements

    We provide for 3 meals during weekday (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and 2 meals during the weekend (breakfast, dinner).

    Indonesian food is tasty and diverse and volunteers can expect to experience a myriad of flavors and meals during their stay. Typical dishes included mie goreng (fried noodles and vegetables), nasi goreng (fried rice and vegetables) or gado gado (mixed vegetables with a satay sauce). For those who do not eat meat, Indonesian cooking uses a lot of tofu and tempeh (soy beans), we also provide for some of western dishes. Breakfasts are varied and include pancakes, fresh fruit, toast etc. Tea, coffee and purified water is available at the volunteer house. We do not recommend that you drink the tap water.

  • Start Dates and Arrival

    Start Dates

    Programs begin each Monday. Participants should arrive on Sunday prior to start date.


    Volunteers fly into Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS), also known as Denpasar International Airport. Most nationalities receive a 30 Day Tourist visa upon arrival. If you plan to stay longer than 30 days, you need to mention your intention to stay longer. Visa on Arrival can be extended for another 30 days via local immigration offices. More information on Bali Tourist Visas.  

    Pick up is offered on every Sunday between the hours of 6AM and 6PM. Our transfer coordinator meets you at the meeting point (airport, Starbucks etc) upon your arrival. Once you have been picked up you will be taken back to your accommodation in Ubud and explained the procedure for the next few days in regards to meeting other staff, volunteers and your orientation.

  • Background Checks

    Background Checks

    All volunteers in projects where they work near or with children (all teaching projects, children's home and orphanage) must have a clean, certified police background check prior to their participation start date.  This can be acquired from your local police station.  Be sure to send us your police background check before you arrive in Bali.

Cost & Details - Bali
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