Volunteering or interning in Asia will give you an in-depth look at this fascinating continent and its ancient cultures. We offer volunteer, internship, summer programs, winter break, spring break opportunities in 7 Asian countries. These are not light, “voluntourism” or “fetch a cup of coffee” internships. These are legitimate volunteer and internship work placements.

Bring a smile to an orphans face in India, explore the world of Buddhist monks in Nepal or Thailand, take part in a thriving commercial center by interning in Auckland, help typhoon-ravaged Tacloban City in the Philippines. So much to do, so little time!

ELI - International Volunteer programs open the door to cultural immersion by putting you side by side with local residents as they work to make the world a better place. You will return home a changed person. Click on our menu to the left to visit the opportunities in Australia, Bali, Cambodia, India, Nepal, New Zealand, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, or use the program list below.

Programs in Australia

Check out our Australia page for a wide range of professional internships in Sydney.

Programs in Bali

Check out the Bali page for the following programs: education/teaching, turtle conservation, construction.

Programs in Cambodia

Check out our Cambodia page for programs with youth, women's empowerment, microfinance, medicine, teaching buddhist monks, physical therapy, pharmacology

Programs in India

Check out the India page for the following programs: orphanages, teaching, women's empowerment, social services, conservation, public health, medicine, art, painting and sculpture.

Programs in Nepal

Check out the Nepal page for the following programs: orphanages, teaching, teaching Buddhist monks, women's empowerment, trafficking, medicine, dentistry.

Programs in New Zealand

Check out the New Zealand page for the following almost any kind of internship you can dream up: the sciences, business, engineering, law, and more.

Programs in the Philippines

Check out the Philippines page for the following programs: orphanages, coach basketball, at-risk youth, health, nutrition, medicine, women's empowerment, shelter for girls, community development, construction, typhoon relief.

Programs in Thailand

Check out the Thailand page for the following programs: children's home/orphanage, elephant nursery, medicine, physical therapy, dentistry, journalism, monastery teaching (Buddhist monks).

Programs in Vietnam

Check out the Vietnam page for the following programs: orphanages, children with disabilities, health, medicine, single mother's home and shelter, teaching.
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