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“I don’t need therapy. I just need to go to Italy.”- Anonymous


ELI Abroad’s newest program takes you to Naples, an iconic city in a fabled nation that has attracted travelers, artists and dreamers for millenia.

Italy has it all. Dazzling cities, great food and wine, stunning beaches, ancient sites, treasure-filled museums and world-class shopping and design.

Naples -- a magical mixture of a vibrant if a bit scruffy urban center along the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean to the south and the towering Vesuvius to the east -- is a rapidly gentrifying old city that pulsates with street life, cafes, shops, and tourists from all over the world.

With ELI, you won’t be one of them. You’ll be a Naples local, living with like-minded volunteers and interns in a hip, historic part of town, honing your skills and sharing your passions with other locals.

We need English speakers to teach the language to refugees. Play soccer? We need volunteers to train and coach a girls’ soccer team! Looking for a medical placement? We have unpaid medical and dental internships in Naples clinics.

Italy is waiting and ELI can take you there. Andiamo a Napoli!

Volunteer & Internship Programs

  • Refugee and Immigrant Support

    Refugee and Immigrant Support

    Organizations that work specifically with migrants and refugees in Naples generally have limited resources and rely heavily on local and international volunteer support to run their various initiatives. These organizations need volunteer support in a wide variety of activities such as community workshops, event organization, research, communication and outreach. Further support can be at an organizational level in the office, in particular report writing in English language, search for grants, communication and social media management, event planning, best practice research and networking. If you have a particular strength or area of interest we may be able to find a good fit for you in one of these organizations. Questions? Click here

    Basketball for Undocumented Immigrants

    This program was founded by a former Italian basketball champion, Massimo Antonelli, who decided to start a basketball team for the sons of the African migrants settled in the area of Naples.

    Volunteers may be involved in this project in several ways: assisting coaches, helping their fundraising activities and finally, providing social interaction and psychological support for the kids. As a volunteers you're not required to have coaching experience to get involved. All you need is a general knowledge of the game, and a desire to share your enthusiasm for basketball with the kids. Questions? Click here

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  • Education - English, Music or After School Programs

    English Instruction

    The student dropout rate in Naples is about 20% by the age of 15 – the legal age to leave school. The financial rewards of under-the-table work or organized crime lures many of them away. Often it is the family pressuring them to bring money home, even if in principle they would like their children to keep studying.

    Compounding the problem is the failure of public schools to provide effective and stimulating programs and activities. In some areas of Naples, public schools do not have the means to offer any extra-curricular activities to students. As a volunteer on the Teaching English project in Italy, you will help address this gap by either assisting local teachers during the day at a public school, organizing activities and workshops to help children improve their English language abilities.

    This project is well suited to volunteers who are passionate about working with young learners to help improve their English language skills, while also developing their interests and life ambitions. Questions? Click here

    Music Education

    In 2012, a music program was begun in the Montesanto district, an area of the historic center of Naples. Current enrollment is about 60 children aged from 4 to 16 years. The main purpose of the project is to facilitate social integration through learning and playing music together.

    The children regularly attend classes where they learn to play clarinet, flute, french horn, percussion, trumpet and oboe. About 20 younger children between the age of 4 and 7 receive instruction in music basics. Volunteers assist the teachers in creating a positive and collaborative atmosphere and supporting them in providing instruction to the children and in helping them learn about music. Questions? Click here

    After School Care

    Minimum commitment 2 weeks, some schools ask for at least 4 weeks. The program is available during the school year (September-June) Tasks, Volunteers may: - organize after school workshops and educational activities, incorporating music, art, cooking, sports, games and leisure activities; - accompany children on cultural and recreational visits around Naples; - use their initiative to develop activities and bring resources to assist the kids; - organize activities that can help kids to improve their knowledge of English. Worthwhile because, Volunteers will provide care to children that are from disadvantaged neighborhoods. After school care means children stay off the streets and are in a safe and fun environment that promotes education. Questions? Click here

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  • Non-Profit (NGO) Support

    NGOs in Naples are very limited financially. The non-profit industry in Italy and particularly in the south, is primarily volunteer based, relying on community participations. People are passionate about helping out others in the community by engaging in any tasks that are needed. The NGO Support project provides volunteers the opportunity to assist local NGOs who work in the fields of Community Development, Child and Youth Welfare, LGBTQ rights, Special Needs Care and even some sports NGOs. Questions? Click here

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  • Environment/Community Garden

    Lend your support to an urban garden project. What was once an illegal dump for construction materials, is now an incredible urban garden with an emphasis on educating and providing food to the poor. Locals may plant fruits and vegetable free of charge. The only requirement is that they donate a third of their yield back to the project. These donations are given to the poor people of the area. What's more, the garden is also used by afterschool programs in the area and for summer camps and outdoor activities with a focus on gardening and environmental education. Questions? Click here

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  • Archeology

    When you visit Naples, it quickly becomes apparent that the region has a wealth of archeological sites in addition to the renowned ruins of Pompeii. A group of archeologists actively maintain 4 different archeological areas in the city of Napoli. The main office is very close to our volunteer accommodations. They organize events to share knowledge and raise interest. As a volunteer, you can contribute on research activities or in cataloguing materials. You can also participate during the opening of the areas they care for, assisting visitors, providing tours in different languages, and more. Questions? Click here

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  • Marine Preservation

    The Marine Protected Area in the Bay of Napoli is a unique place where biological, historical and archeological treasures coexist. This project seeks to preserve and even improve the marine ecosystem and conditions for marine life, boosting the local economy that relies heavily on the fishing industry in the Bay of Napoli.

    In addition to its environmental importance, this protected area also contains an archeological site area and beaches that are open to visitors, including schools and groups who want to do kayaking, snorkeling, diving, etc. Volunteers assist the team in taking care of visitors and monitoring the area. Questions? Click here

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  • Special Needs

    This program targets people with mental or cognitive issues such as Down syndrome and autism. Volunteers will participate in activities organized for them by staff. Some basic knowledge of Italian is useful in order to interact with the kids. Most of the activities are focused on recreation and general care. Questions? Click here

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  • Soccer School Assistant

    30 years ago, in Scampia, one of the poorest areas of the city and famous as a set for the movie and TV Series Gomorrah, a former professional goalkeeper, together with some friends asked the Municipality for a place where local kids could practice soccer. Currently they work with about 250 boys and girls of different ages (from 8 to 16 years), divided in different classes according to their ages. Coaches assist and guide the participating student athletes to improve their skills, discipline, sportsmanship and citizenship. Instructors lead physical training and soccer practices, in particular working on game fundamentals and on game technical skills. Depending on the level and ages of their team they also work on developing and implementing game plans. Questions? Click here

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  • Medical, Dental, Physical Therapy

    Help at a clinic in Naples that cares for the indigent including immigrants and refugees. Although it is small, the clinic manages to provide many specialized services thanks to the doctors who volunteer their time. The staff is stretched thin, and will benefit from your help. The program also welcomes medical professionals. Questions? Click here

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Naples, Italy - Programs

Cost & Details

  • Cost - Naples

    Volunteer or Intern in Naples


    Length of Program Volunteer
    2 Weeks US$645  N/A
    3 Weeks US$845  N/A
    4 Weeks US$1035  US$1215
    5 Weeks US$1215  US$1395
    6 Weeks US$1385  US$1565
    7 Weeks US$1540  US$1720
    8 Weeks US$1695  US$1875
    9 Weeks US$1830  US$2010
    10 Weeks US$1965  US$2145
    11 Weeks US$2100  US$2280
    12 Weeks US$2235  US$2415
    Longer Inquire  Inquire


    Programs require at least a two week commitment with a 3 month maximum stay.

    Application Fee: $200
    (Please see our application fee refund policy here)

    Credit card payments: Payment by credit card will be assessed a 3.5% surcharge. This is the fee that we will be charged for the transaction. Contact us about alternative forms of payment.

    All prices are listed in US Dollars. The program fees reflect the costs ELI faces when setting up a program. We work hard to keep our costs as low as possible. ELI is a registered 501(c)3 non profit. US taxpayers may be able to deduct some or all of the program fees. If you are outside the US and wondering what these costs translate to in your currency, click here for an online conversion tool that will give you the approximate current exchange rate.

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    After you fill out the Application Form on our website, our Application Advisor will be in touch to help you with the next steps.

  • What's Included/What's Not - Naples

    Program Includes:

    * Pre-departure information
    * In-Country Orientation
    * Placement
    * Accommodation
    * 24/7 emergency service

    Does Not Include:

    * Round-trip airfare
    * Visa fee
    * Transport to or from Airport
    * Meals (may be purchased individually
    * Medical insurance
    * Transportation to and from placement

    *Please note that airport pickup is available for an extra fee.
  • Start dates and Orientation

    You may arrive any day of the week. If possible, please arrive during office hours, 9am-7pm Monday - Friday. If you arrive after closing or on the weekend, there is a $25 fee to cover staff time.

  • Meals and Accommodation

    Accommodation is hostel style, with several participants sharing a room. You have multiple options for meals. There is a communal kitchen in the hostel where you may prepare meals. We also work with a caterer that delivers meals upon request. You may order an individual meal in advance for any day of the week. There is a sign up form for this. The cost is lunch €3.50 and dinner €4. Of course, there are also hundreds of restaurants within walking distance of the hostel and you'll love the great outdoor market at nearby Piazza Dante.

  • Italian Language

    Italian Classes

    Individual or groups classes are provided by a professional teacher of Italian. The basic plan is 5 hours per week. Individual 5 hours classes costs 100 €. Alternative plans may be arranged.

  • Why Naples?


    Somewhat less known than Rome or Venice, Naples is nonetheless one of the oldest cities in Europe and remains an alluring magnet for those who want to experience the real Italy, an Italy less obscured by hordes of exhausted, selfie-stick-carrying tourists. This is a historic city recommended for visitors who seek out more genuine travel experiences, who enjoy hipper and edgier destinations and those who look to stretch their travel budget along the road (slightly) less traveled.

    Rest assured, however, that you will encounter many visitors from around the world, as Naples’ history is ancient, its importance remains central to Italy’s culture and its location is hard to beat. The city hugs the curving Bay of Naples shoreline, with the Mediterranean just beyond; it climbs up green hillsides that offer spectacular views, it looks on the enormous Mount Vesuvius and other surprisingly high mountains near by.

    Often described as a more scruffy cousin of Rome, Naples has grittier areas that may initially worry travelers intimidated by the urban, poorer neighborhoods surrounding the central train station. But don’t fret, Naples also has a vibrant, visitor-friendly historic center; quiet, tree lined residential areas and posh, well-to-do neighborhoods with glittering shopping centers. 

    Even though it has a ways to go, Naples is rapidly gentrifying. (In fact, there is more crime in Rome.) ELI Abroad’s partners in Naples will show you which areas to avoid, and teach you how to navigate the city safely.

    As an ELI Abroad volunteer or intern, you will live with other program participants in a fun and bustling historic area of cobblestone streets, narrow winding alleys, quaint shops, coffee houses, bars and restaurants.

    Below is a list of some of the main attractions in Naples. Visiting them will help you get to know this wonderful city, though by the end of your placement you will have discovered your own favorite destinations. It’s what happens when you live in a city and become a part of its character and spirit.

    • Explore the Centro Storico, the bustling historic center that dates back to 470 B.C. Here you’ll find fabulous churches such as the Capella Sansevero and its museum, the Duomo and the Church and gallery of Pio Monte della Misericordia. The catacombs of San Gennaro is a local can’t miss destination, as is the Via San Gregorio Armeno aka Christmas Alley, where you’ll find Christmas ornaments and elaborate, intricate pieces for enormous nativity scenes, a Naples tradition.
    • Take a stroll along the scenic, broad seaside promenade, Via Caracciolo e Longomare, lined with renowed hotels, restaurants and shops.
    • Get to know Naples through its main squares. As in other Italian cities, life here revolves around central piazzas which are a magnet for area art, commerce and entertainment. The noble Piazza del Plebiscito has the royal palace on one side, and a sprawling San Francesco di Paola Church, modeled on the ancient Pantheon in Rome. Piazza San Domenico Maggiore is also a historically imporant area, it boasts of palaces and churches in a dizzying array of architectural styles. The Piazza Dante becomes a night-time hotspot for tourists and families alike; Piazza del Gesu Nuovo is beloved for its architecture and intimate vibe, while the hip Piazza Bellini buzzes with university students hanging out in its popular restaurants, bars and cafes.
    • Be sure to take the funnicular (among the busiest in the world) into Vomero, an upscale neighborhood in the hills above Naples. You’ll get amazing views of the entire city, Bay of Naples and Vesuvius, and then you can walk down into the city along the ancient steps of Salita della Pedamentina.
    • See the marvels of the ancient Roman empire at the Museo Archeologico, one of the great archeology museums in the world and a must before (or right after) you visit Pompeii and Herculaneum. Many of the items from Pompeii and Herculaneum -- including housewares, paintings, mosaics and sculptures -- live here; the ones at the sites are often copies.
    • The way to a tourist’s heart is often through her stomach, and Naples is no exception. The city offers a huge selection of eateries - from quick coffee shops that offer pastries and gelato - to pizza places, trattorias and high-end culinary experiences. There are too many of them to mention here, but you may make a note of Sorbillo, arguably the city’s most famous pizza restaurant, and conveniently for you, located in the Centro Storico. You’ll find fried street food - potato croquettes are among the most popular - throughout the city, although Friggitoria Vomero is considered among the best, and least expensive. The more upscale Caffee dell’Amore adn La Taverna dell’Arte are good choices for more special occasions or if your parents come to vist.


    Naples location makes it the perfect base for exploring much of southern Italy. Considering the lower prices in this part of Italy, and a good network of inexpensive buses and trains, we encourage all ELI-ers to hit the road on weekends, holidays and before/after your program.

    Inexpensive flights link Naples with Palermo, Sicily, which you can use as base to explore this legendary and highly influenctial part of Italy.

Naples, Italy - Cost and Details