Human Rights

The field of human rights covers a wide range of issues: civil rights, women's rights, immigrant rights, indigenous people's rights, economic inequality, health care, and more. Frankly, it is difficult to create a list, so please contact us if you have questions about these or other fields that interest you. Inquire

Human Rights in Argentina


Internships in Argentina provide a great opportunity to get involved with organizations promoting legal aid, refugee support, democratic processes, women’s empowerment, citizen participation, and human rights. Read more

Human Rights in Cambodia


Women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, economic independence and microfinance… These are some of the areas available to you as an intern or volunteer in Cambodia. Read more

Human Rights in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Help low income and vulnerable women overcome obstacles by giving them tools by teaching women income generating skills, basic finance, assisting in educational workshops, providing emotional support. Read more

Human Rights in Guatemala


Microfinance programs you might help manage micro-credits and oversee development of business plans. In women’s empowerment, get involved with financial literacy, entrepreneurship, family planning, self-esteem, and rights of indigenous communities. Read more

Human Rights in India


In Jaipur or Dharamsala work with programs promoting financial independence, women's rights/empowerment, teach basic life skills and more. Read more


In the amazing Yucatan region, we offer women’s empowerment, economic development for indigenous communities and support for at-risk youth. Read more


Based in Kathmandu, we work with a number of rights programs: reproductive rights, victims of trafficking, marginalized women, Dalits and widows rights. Read more

New Zealand

This is a flourishing field in New Zealand, and an exciting place to intern. You might be working with a law practice focused on human rights/civil rights, or perhaps with a center for human rights that reports to the U.N. Read more

Human Rights in the Philippines


There are some amazing human rights programs in the Philippines: a women’s shelter, a shelter for abused girls, at-risk youth, nutrition (yes, that’s a human right!) Read more

South Africa

In and around stunning Cape Town, projects in refugees support, capacity building for women, financial literacy, at-risk youth, public health, legal aid and more. Read more


Valencia is an under appreciated gem in Spain, and we have great opportunities in immigrant, refugee, migrant and Roma support services, public health, education, women’s rights, and legal aid. Read more