Admit it - deep down, you’ve always wanted to see Australia.

This exuberant country attracts visitors from all over the word with its stunning coasts, mountains, deserts, exotic wildlife and dynamic cities.

And now, ELI Abroad can take you there on a career-enhancing, resume-boosting internship. You can hone your skills during the week, kick back Aussi-style in the evenings, and on weekends and holidays explore this extraordinary continent, arguably the planet’s final frontier.

ELI offers a huge selection of unpaid internships in either Sydney or Melbourne. We have the connections to help set up a custom experience if necessary. We’ve been sending interns and volunteers on life-changing adventures for more than 17 years: you’ll be in great hands. Join ELI in Australia for what could be an unforgettable experience in work and travel. Please note, all the internships are unpaid. 


Where Can I Go?