Programs in Argentina


Prospective Spanish-speaking interns will find a world of opportunities in and around Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata and other popular cities. Programs include housing with host families or shared apartments, airport pick up, orientation and excellent in-country support. Popular options include:

Business & Marketing Internships in Argentina

Interns can work with a civil association representing over fifty small and medium-sized businesses in Argentina. The association serves as a support network for the companies and aims to expand exporting opportunities through international market research. Interns with this program assist with research, preparing marketing materials, and may have the opportunity to work directly with a company represented by the association. Partner companies of the association represent fields as diverse as consulting, software, fashion design, art exports, retail, engineering, tourism, telecommunications, and medical equipment. We also partner with numerous other consulting companies, start-ups, and established businesses seeking interns to work in their business development, marketing, and retail departments.

Share your skills and gain new ones during an internship for a high-end online shopping company. In addition to the online store, the company’s website includes a fashion-related blog you can contribute to. Interns’ responsibilities include helping in business development, IT, site expansion and improvement. The ideal candidate should be interested in internet retail, exploring new ways of conducting a retail business online, marketing and business development.

Here, one of our previous interns describes her experience:

“Overall, it was a great experience and I would highly recommend this internship to anyone interested in international business. The intern should have an intermediate-high level of Spanish. All work is explained and completed in Spanish. The duties of the intern can range from completing misiones comerciales, organization of clients’ information, market research for specific clients, to meeting with and corresponding with specific clients. I worked on a little bit of everything, but my main focus was on market research."

   -Julie G.

*Interns in this program must have an intermediate level of Spanish knowledge.

Graphic Design

Interns can work in one of a variety of web and graphic design firms in Buenos Aires. ELI has placements with design studios focusing on large name brands, individual clients, advertising campaigns, and social media. Use your skills to assist a company in developing logos, brochures, web sites, creative content, programming, and marketing. Interns will work alongside professionals in the field on both ongoing and new projects.

,em>*Interns in this program must have a high to intermediate level of Spanish knowledge, some graphic or web design experience, and must commit to at least 8 weeks.

Human Rightsup

Interns with an interest in political and human rights issues have the opportunity to work with non-governmental organizations devoted to promoting democratic processes, citizen participation, and human rights. The organizations collaborate with governmental, international, and NGO's to educate Argentines and promote civic engagement. Interns will have the opportunity to get involved in program development, project coordination, communication, and event planning.

Here, one of our previous interns describes her experience:

"I did background research to see what political and social problems were occurring in certain provinces, I tabulated and synthesized data from students after they had participated in financial education programs, and I researched racism in Africa for a background Model UN paper. Also everyone spoke Spanish in the office, and they were patient with me when I could not articulate what I wanted to say. Most of the research I did was in Spanish, and I definitely feel my Spanish improved due to this internship. This internship was great and I recommend it to anyone who wants exposure to NGO work in another country."

    - Leah S. 2008

*Interns in this program must have a high to intermediate level of Spanish knowledge, and commit to at least eight weeks.



Interns interested in pursuing a career in journalism or communications can gain experience at one of several publications in Buenos Aires. Possibilities include working at a monthly magazine focusing on urban pop culture in Buenos Aires, daily newspapers, other publications, or in the communications departments of both non-profit and for-profit companies. Interns assist with researching, drafting stories, creating web content, working with social media, and helping with events. It is important for participants in this program to be motivated and creative self-starters. This is a great opportunity to work on building a portfolio.

*Interns in the journalism program must have an advanced level of Spanish knowledge, a background in journalism, at least two previously printed articles, and must commit to at least twelve weeks. We can be more flexible with communications placements.


ELI works with several law firms in Buenos Aires to create internships for law students to help them gain experience working in Buenos Aires and insight into the Argentine legal system. The firms specialize in the following areas: litigation, business consulting, environmental law, corporate law, intellectual property law, international tax law, commercial law, and dispute resolution. Interns conduct research, translation projects, and document preparation.

Here, one of our previous interns describes her experience in Argentina:

"When asked about something directly, the attorneys would be very willing to answer questions and help out. When we went to the courts, a usually busy attorney sat with us and explained the mechanics of the legal system. It was awesome, but you have to really be persistent to get certain experiences. This is very much an internship for a self starter who speaks fluent or at least advanced Spanish."

   - Elena T. 2009 Legal Intern

*Interns in this program must have an advanced level of Spanish knowledge and commit to at least eight weeks with the program.


The medical program in Argentina is designed for pre-medical and medical students looking to gain experience in the health care field and learn about the issues that the Argentine medical system is facing. Placements in this program are available in both a large public hospital and a community health center. At the hospital, participants will join a group of Argentine medical residents to observe examinations and assist with other tasks in the hospital. Interns with the health care center, which focuses on bringing treatment and disease prevention to impoverished communities, will assist in administrative tasks as well as help local doctors with community involvement workshops, prevention campaigns, and patient care.

We are also seeking volunteers to work in a center for children affected by HIV. This placement is ideal for public health or medicine students with a strong interest in HIV education and prevention.

One of our previous interns describes her experience in the following quote:

"I generally worked from about 8/8:30am to 12/12:30 Mon-Fri. The first two weeks I was with Dr. Di Meglio. She was an obstetrician. I helped to check-over patients by measuring women’s bellies, finding the baby’s heart rate, checking for edema and determining what side of the stomach the baby was on and what position it was in. She was the most “hands-on” doctor and had me do the most and explained the most about different diseases that affected women and their babies during pregnancy.

The next two weeks I was with Dr. Romero, a pediatrician for babies up to about 1 month. She had me measure babies’ heads and body length and weigh them. Dr. Romero had quite a few more patients and moved them in and out quite a bit more quickly than Dr. Di Meglio and so didn’t really explain a lot-though she did point out things like the importance of the soft spot on a baby’s head and the signs of a premature baby.

The next 2 weeks I was in surgery. I saw quite a few surgeries such as a man getting a tumor removed from his throat, a woman getting her uterus removed because it had a tumor and a man get a tumor taken off the top of head. Obviously I didn’t do anything during surgeries besides watch!

The next 2 weeks I was in la guardia (the ER, sort-of, it’s really more of a clinic). I observed different doctors checked over adults with colds, pneumonia, the flu, broken bones, etc. I mainly observed in la guardia.

The next week I was with Dr. Sanchez, a neonatologist who examines babies born in the last 3 days. She also teaches mothers how to breastfeed and how to dress their babies. Dr. Sanchez explained about different diseases that often affect babies and also about the vaccinations required in Argentina. I helped weigh some babies and mainly observed."

   - Megan F. Medical Intern

*Interns in this program must have a high to intermediate level of Spanish knowledge.

Fashion & Fashion Photographyup

Learn the ins and outs of a fashion-related business and enhance your professional portfolio by interning with a small modeling company recently ranked one of the top 5 in its field. You’ll gain hands-on experience and learn the basics of fashion-related marketing, PR, art and design.

Interns’ responsibilities include, but aren’t limited to, helping in video productions and photo shoots, assistance in marketing, online sales and PR.

Education, Marketing, Business Development and Communications Internship

Perfect your Spanish and join the staff of an innovative company that’s created an exciting and unconventional way for students to learn a second language. The group makes language learning interactive by bringing together English-speaking foreigners and locals in order to make friends and learn each other’s language. The “classrooms” are city cafes, restaurants, parks and other fun social settings. Interns will help develop this growing business by coordinating daily meets, ensuring a timely flow of events and helping to market the company. It’s a unique opportunity for socially inclined interns who want to improve their Spanish conversational skills and with an interest in marketing, business development, communications and event planning.

English Language Internship

In Argentina, as in much of Latin America, the ability to speak English is a sought after skill. When you intern with this nonprofit, you’ll be teaching English to children and young people in need. This organization offers shelter, food, psychological evaluations, schooling, and even recreational activities to participating homeless children living in various children’s homes. In addition to teaching English, interns will create and participate in activities that enhance language learning and promote the advancement of kids’ conversational skills.

Many other internships!

ELI Abroad’s partners in Argentina have extensive business connections in Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata, which means we can provide placements in a wide variety of fields, including:

Advertising / Design
Business Consulting
International Business
ESL Teaching

Film / Photography
Finance / Accounting
Human Rights
Law Internships
Marketing / Sales

Public Policy
Social Work
Sports Management
Sustainable Development
Tourism / Hospitality
Youth Leadership


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