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The school i am working at is situated in Cangumbang that is and in Palo, another city south of Tacloban. This area also got badly hur by the typhoon and they have only had the capacity to restore the main building of the school. In the pictures you can see the classroom where I teach which is outside on the ground but with a roof.

Due to a lack of teachers, the 4th and 5th graders are taught together. When I asked why I learned that it is because they do not have enough pupils from the governments perspective to receive another teacher. However, if they don't teach up to level 5 it is most likely that those children will stop attending school and drop out. This is because other schools are to far away, so most of the families would not be able to afford it both from a monetary and time consuming perspective. That is why I really wanted to contribute at that school, in order to help all children have the possibility to education. Where you were born or the circumstances how you live should not affect that opportunity.

Beneath are pictures of the classroom where I am teaching and some of the children. Today one of the pupils showed me his drawing he had made before school, "From Ronnel to Ma'am Caroline" which was really touching.



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