As a student, you plunge into contemporary France alongside French professionals, discovering a lively European society moving in new directions that are stimulating, contradictory, and creative.

The program is a three-stage adventure, beginning with thorough training, continuing into the internship period when well-prepared students participate in a working team of French professionals in their chosen field, and culminating in a research project carried out with the help of an IFE research advisor.

Although, this program focuses heavily on the internship and work experience it is also takes the academic approach to education. The first five weeks of this program students are in an intensive training sessions intended to prepare student-interns for entry into French professional life. Lecture/seminar in the morning, followed by workshop in the afternoon which serves to reinforce lecture material through oral presentations, debates, press reviews and structured discussion, complemented by site visits, films and documentaries...

In order to take advantage of an internship, students need to arrive at their placements already well-grounded in French social realities, politics, recent history and other elements of contemporary life indispensable for functioning in a professional environment. The curriculum's integrated approach to understanding contemporary French issues and their sources. In addition, students complete a research project, working with a faculty advisor on a subject of intellectual interest and/or professional appeal, related to the work of their host organization. In total, students can expect during the 18-week semester to spend 110-120 hours in class, and well over 400 hours engaged in professional activity and research. Upon completion of the program students will get a transcript from Franklin and Marshall a private school located in Lancaster, PA.

The Curriculum is composed of three principal elements:

  • Two required lecture courses before the internship begins
  • Wednesday late-afternoon seminar on European Affairs, which meets during the Internship period
  • 30 page Mémoire de Stage.  Past fieldwork topics include:  "National educational policy and its implementation in the classroom," "Comparative Structural analysis of two bridges designed byt he same architect Marc Mimram," "Comparing French and US promotion and legislation for ecological residential and office construction," "France's position in the effort to reduce agricultural pollution."

"Pro-democracy work is fascinating and never boring, and I liked the theoretical as well as the concrete side of the program." Janaki

"...My goal was to gain confidence and improve my French.  Thanks to my internship I have been able to do both.  I have made some great friends at work.  The museum staff has been very welcoming and willing to help me in all areas.  In addition, I have I have had the opportunity to learn about the functioning of a museum. Working in a museum has helped me to realize that I would like to pursue work in the cultural sector when I return to the US." Barbara


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