Housing is not included in the cost of this program however, Experiential Learning International will help you set something up in either a home stay or foyer:

Home Stay: The family housing used by ELI and IFE for its students are generally not of the type where there are young children, a family meal every evening, and a busy family life requiring participation.  Some offer meals, some do not, but we discourages a commitment to more than a couple of evening meals per week, in view of work and other demands on a student-interns time.  Family housing is more like renting a room in a home, sometimes with separate entrance, kitchen access in all cases, and full freedom to come and go. Restrictions concerning guests exist for certain family situations. Approximate prices for the entire semester for family housing without meals: 2300 €

Foyers: The foyer (rhymes with loyer) is a common form of housing for young people beginning either their studies or professional life in Paris and whose home is not in the Paris area.  All foyers have certain things in common- there is a permanent presence at the reception desk in addition to  a certain number of restrictions concerning hours and sex of visitors and possibly other restrictions with variations by foyer. There are common rooms for socializing, common kitchens by suite or floor, Internet access, and various scheduled activities are proposed. Towels are not provided, but bed linen may be rented at a very modest rate. 

Some foyers offer a hot meal in the evening, some do not. Those that do generally require that students purchase 20 evening meal tickets during the first month of their stay and 10 per month thereafter (minimum). There is a good deal of flexibility in this requirement, especially since the price of the meals and accommodations together is very reasonable. Students may still use the kitchen instead of taking the evening meal and for student interns 10 meals per month is about the right level of commitment.  In addition meals are served in a common dining room which provides students a chance to socialize. Foyers also differ according to whether they accommodate both sexes or only women. Mixed foyers are usually separate by floor or by wing.

Approximate prices for the entire semester (4.5 months) for housing in a foyer are:

  • -Without meals (kitchen access): 2200-2600 €
  • -With meals (20 meals first month, 10 meals/month thereafter): 2500 €- 2900 €

We can also help students set up housing in a studio apartment or furnished apartment.

  • -With meals (20 meals first month, 10 meals/month thereafter): 2300 €

Here is a current conversion tool.


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