Volunteer in Germany for a great cultural immersion experience. Improve your German language skills while you work with children's programs.


Volunteers can choose to work in local schools, or travel to a Waldorf school, to act as English teacher’s assistants. Volunteers will assist the teacher in a variety of capacities, such as leading activities, helping with homework, and spending one-on-one time with students. Volunteers spend the day working to form bonds with the youth, teaching classes in English, organizing recreational activities, and assisting with daily chores. Volunteers must have at least high-beginner German language skills. Volunteers need to be creative, patient, and able to work independently as well as in a group setting. Volunteers generally work 4-7 hours a day, Monday through Friday. Volunteer’s exact schedule will be determined upon arrival in-country. Questions? Click here  

Daycare Center

Volunteers are needed to work, play and care for infants and toddlers throughout the city. Volunteers will spend time with children in a fun setting, and help out with a variety of educational and developmental activities. You’ll work with children who come from a wide range of family backgrounds. Any sort of organized activity is great ways to help these young children learn new skills that will help them succeed when they enter primary education. If you have a special interest (such as painting, music, gardening, soccer, etc) you can always incorporate those in some way to your activities at the orphanages. What might seem plain to you can be really exciting to them! Volunteers need to be creative, patient, and flexible. Exact schedules and tasks will be determined upon arrival and meeting with the center’s staff. Volunteers must have at least high-beginner German language skills. Questions? Click here  


Energy Policy/Environmental Protection

In May 2012 the German government honored 19 cities and towns for their extraordinary achievement in reaching the country’s ambitious climate protection goals. Enkenbach-Alsenborn is the smallest community in this distinguished group and the only one in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The federal government now funds various pilot programs in the village to reduce energy consumption and to support alternative sources of energy. A volunteer opportunity exists to assist the fulltime climate manager in running special campaigns, monitoring existing energy programs and in establishing new energy guidelines. A background in environmental science and/or experience in climate change issues and policies is highly desirable. English is widely spoken in the office, but some knowledge of German will help. Questions? Click here  


Senior Center

A volunteer opportunity exists to help organize and conduct various social activities for elderly inhabitants of a retirement home in the village. Present activities include Friday afternoon bingo, storytelling, and singing, as well as taking individuals to the movies. Volunteers are welcome to come up with other activities that suit their interests and skills. The home has 45 residents ranging in age from 55 to 80. Proficiency in spoken German is necessary. Questions? Click here



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