tangoArgentina is one of the most vibrant and captivating countries in South America. The country stretches from the tepid waves in the Tropic of Capricorn in the north to the icy waters of Cape Horn. Between these extremes, the Andes tower above the Gran Chaco and the Pampas (home of the gaucho) before giving way to rugged Patagonia in the south. The incredible natural beauty of Argentina lures hikers, skiers, mountain climbers, and other adventurers from all over the world while cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, one of the world's great capitals, attracts people looking for a twenty-four hour metropolis. Buenos Aires is often called the "Paris of South America" because of the European style architecture, cafes, boulevards, cultural venues, fine restaurants, and clubs. The people of Buenos Aires, called porteƱos, are known for their exotic style and flair. They are as proud and as passionate as the tango, the popular dance they invented and continue to perform today.

girls-in-la-bocaELI's Argentina programs are based in Buenos Aires, the elegant and energy-filled capital. Buenos Aires shares many of the problems other Latin American capitals are experiencing: poverty, pollution, lack of infrastructure, and unemployment. Volunteers can work with local organizations devoted to fighting poverty, as well as with at-risk children, in soup kitchens, or on health education campaigns. Interns in Buenos Aires have the opportunity to test their career interests, gain work experience, and realize long and short term goals in a variety of internship programs.

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