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We've had so many great participants over the years. I wrote recently about some of the amazing work that they have done after their programs, creating foundations, building orphanages, and more. We also get great pleasure in the diversity of our participants: African-Americans, Latinos, Asian-Americans...  The internet age has also made it possible for people from all over the world to participate in our programs. We've had volunteers and interns from Albania, Mongolia, Pakistan, Singapore, the Philippines, Venezuela... well, the list approaches 50, so I'll stop there!

Our coordinator in South Africa thought that Babar from Pakistan was a perfect intern. He stayed on in Cape Town to pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering. Denada, from Albania, went to Shanghai for a Medical Internship - quite a change of environment. Rosalba, a Venezuelan living in Argentina, went to Uganda, to work with children. Rosalba has a grown daughter of her own in London who was able to get a donation from her British employer for a Ugandan orphanage. Is that an international story? 

Currently we have a girl, Pui Chu, from Hong Kong who is interning in Ireland, Onon, from Mongolia, is heading to Patagonia, Francisco, from Spain is in Nakuru, Kenya working in microfinance and looking forward to getting involved in youth soccer (futbol) there. Xochilth from Panama arrived in Nepal last week to work with orphans. 

Malissa here at ELI tries to keep our community informed of these things on our Facebook page. If you haven't been following her, here's the link:

We have some photojournals from our international particpants:

Denada (Albania) in China
Naho (Japan) in the Philippines


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