Marketing your International Experience


How to Market Your International Experience

Many former ELI interns and volunteers say their international experience helped them get jobs or admission to their dream grad school programs. This isn’t surprising: many experts say working or studying abroad is often the key that opens doors to careers or new educational opportunities.

Use these helpful sources to help you boost your resume by making the most of your ELI adventure:

  1. Gauge what you learned with this Elon University questionnaire
  2. Create a powerful resume that highlights your international experience with tips from University of Northern Colorado
  3. If you hope to work in Europe, learn how to create country-specific resumes and CVs.

Remember, the work and study abroad movement is only going to get bigger. Universities in the US and around the world are expanding their international programs in part because they’re an effective way to set participants apart from the competition.

ELI has been sending students and adults abroad for many years. We can set you up with an international internship or a cheaper study abroad option.


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