A morning away from the office

  • 11,600 ft. in the Colorado Rockies
  • The first day of October, but winter is near at this altitude.
  • The treeline far below.
  • The Himalayas dwarf the Rockies.
  • All sense of proportion is shattered.

    ELI is located in Denver, Colorado. For those of you from other places who are not familiar with Denver, it is at the base of the Rocky Mountains. The proximity makes it possible to get away quickly from the city. That's what I did this morning. One hour from Denver, you can be in the heart of the mountains. Pictures above were taken this morning at Guanella Pass, elevation 11,670 ft. (3557 m.). The Nepal photos were taken a year ago on the Anapurna Circuit. The Rockies are beautiful and impressive, but there is no experience as awe-inspiring as the Himalayas. Our sense of proportion is shattered by them. It seems impossible that anything could be so large. Our everyday experience doesn't prepare us for the sight. Of course, some people have a similar reaction to the Rockies. Their everyday experience hasn't prepared them either. I remember when my daughter was 4 or 5 years old, we were traveling with friends from Boston and drove through southern New Hampshire. Their two girls cried out excitedly, "Look, mountains!". My daughter responded, in all innocence, "Where?". There was nothing there that fit her definition of mountains. Hills, perhaps. Would a Sherpa from Nepal have the same reaction to the Rockies?  The good news is that even after you see the Himalayas, you can still enjoy "lesser" mountains.



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