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Do you want a program that fits your interests, your goals, your stage of life? Most volunteer programs target the 18 to 22 age range. That means they offer an experience that is not appropriate for many volunteer travelers. Of course, they are for-profit companies looking for volume, and the 22 and under market is huge.  ELI Abroad is a non-profit that seeks out legitimate volunteer opportunities for the individual. We recognize that our model will never appeal to the masses,  but as a non-profit we have a mission to fulfill, not a bottom line.

What sets us apart?

  • Individualized placements. What do you want to do? We can tailor placements to fit your specific goals.
  • Choose your work environment. Work with other international volunteers, or perhaps be the only international volunteer working with locals? Your choice!
  • What kind of accommodation do you want? Live with a local family? Live with other volunteers? Live in a hotel or guesthouse?
  • Would you like to include language learning? In most locations we can arrange this. Spanish? Swahili? Tamil? Nepali?
  • Would you like to add activities? Drumming and dance in Ghana, trekking in Nepal, rafting the Nile in Uganda, safaris in Kenya, cooking classes in Cambodia, kayaking or surfing in Nicaragua? Our coordinators can help you arrange endless exciting activities. You choose. It's your interests that count.

Meet our volunteers:

David, 74, volunteered with youth in Nepal. Read More

Aimee did research for her M.A. at a women's organization in India Read More

Jennifer worked with wildlife in Brazil. Read More

Steve worked at a home for single mothers in Vietnam Read More

Mereline volunteered in both Uganda and Nepal! Read More


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Ah... Buenos Aires! Often called the Paris of South America because of its architecture, its boulevards, its sense of style. Our programs in women's empowerment, youth centers, animal protection and more are sure to reward you. Use your weekends to visit imcomparable Iguazu Falls, or the wine country of Mendoza. Join the crowds strolling the city late into the evening, stopping for a savory empanada around any corner.
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Brazil's rainforests are home to some of the most incredible biodiversity in the world!  Venture deep into the jungle with us and volunteer with a secret animal sanctuary that is home to parrots of all colors, tortoises, tapirs, bush dogs, ocelots, pumas, jaguars, and spider monkeys.  Book a layover in Rio de Janeiro on your way home and visit famous Copacabana and the Cristo.  Brazil really has it all!
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Exotic Cambodia... It's like Thailand for less! Cambodia offers our most interesting collection of youth programs - an orphanage for classical dance, a day care center for children of rag pickers (those who scour garbage dumps for anything of value), a government center for disabled children, and a traditional school for orphans and disadvantaged youth. Human rights, women's empowerment and social service projects are also availabe. Placements can be arranged in either Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. Single rooms with AC can be arranged in either location. 

Weekends? Explore temples of Angkor Wat, confront the sobering but important Khmer history in Phnom Penh, relax in a beachside bungalow on the island of Koh Rong Samloen, sign up for a cooking class and learn how to prepare traditional Khmer cuisine

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Volunteer in Nakuru, perhaps Kenya's most welcoming city, and definitely one of our favorites anywhere! Located ajacent to a famous game preserve in the stunning Rift Valley there is much to do in and around this friendly city: safaris, prehistoric ruins, nice restaurants and even a coffee house owned by and Australian ex-pat. There are some great programs with kids, women's empowerment, or in public health.

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Nepal offers a rich cultural heritage and scenic beauty that defy the imagination!  Teach English to novice monks at a Buddhist monastery, volunteer with a street dog rescue in Kathmandu, assist with an anti-human trafficking education campaign, teach at a rural or urban public school, join a volunteer construction project...the options in Kathmandu are almost endless.  During your free time you can experience Nepal's world-famous trekking, whitewater rafting, visit game parks and nature preserves, tour midieval temples, or simply spend a day leisurely floating on the peaceful waters of Phewa Lake in Pokhara.

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The most surprising thing about Nicaragua is that it hasn't become a major destination for tourists. Sure, visits are increasing every year, but with those beaches, scenery, and cities like our base, Granada, you'd think it would be the next Cancun. Are you interested in wildlife? Birdwatching? This is your place. Don't believe us? Check this out: "  If you speak some Spanish, a variety of volunteering options are waiting for you: youth programs, women's empowerment, public health, and more. 

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Who wouldn't want to spend time in Krakow? This has become one of Europe's must visit cities. History around every corner: the lively town square, the imposing Wawel Castle, and the tragic history of its once thriving Jewish community. We've had volunteers from 18 to 75 working with local youth projects. Or perhaps you have skills and background to volunteer with the excellent Jewish History Museum. On the weekend, hop on a train to Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw, and seemingly endless other destinations.


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