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ELI works with several media outlets based in Quito and on the Galapagos Islands to create unique internship opportunities. Writers can gain experience with a daily newspaper, human interest magazine, or one of the most innovative internet journalism outlets in Latin America. Internships with a television station are also a possibility.Photographers wanting to add to their portfolios and gain professional level experience can work either with a sports magazine in Quito or on the Galapagos Islands. The sports magazine specializes in soccer but also places a large emphasis on extreme sports such as rafting, mountain climbing, and mountain biking. Participants looking to gain experience with documentary film, printed materials such as brochures, and other communications methods can work with the Parque Nacional on the Galapagos Islands. The park has ongoing wildlife documentary projects and is always working on improving interpretive materials. Interns are welcome to contribute. For an example of a final internship project, please see Restless Isabela. All photography interns must have a demonstrated interest in photography and be able to submit a portfolio as part of their application.

The media internships require an advanced level of Spanish proficiency since all publications are printed only in Spanish.


Print journalism has existed in South India for over 200 years since the Madras Courier, a weekly newspaper, began publishing in 1785. Today, Chennai has eight major daily newspapers and an ever increasing array of weekly and monthly publications. ELI works with several publications based in Chennai designed to give interns practical training while providing a unique, in-depth learning experience and insight into the fast-paced world of English print media in Chennai. By interning abroad, participants will gain exposure to diverse journalistic practices and learn about international issues facing the industry. Interns finish the program having developed a portfolio of published articles.

"To experience India is to be with India, not tour it. There is plenty to see, but what really has made an impression in my experiences in Chennai is the interaction between the people with whom I have worked with at the paper... Being a very small American minority in South India most of the time has not hindered this whatsoever. Many people have given me acceptance into their ways of life, and I feel that I have repaid them by keeping a broad mind, and a healthy conscience. I would recommend anyone journeying to India, or anywhere abroad to do the same." Nicholas

Journalism internships require an 8 week commitment. A writing sample will be required in the application process.


Interns interested in media placements can choose to work in one of many different areas, such as print media, radio, TV, and film. Graphic design is a possibility for interns who have demonstrated knowledge of the most popular software applications. IT internships are available in Software Product Development, IT Networking, Telecommunications, Web Development, E-Commerce/Marketing, and CRM Systems. Areas of work in these positions vary according to the needs of the organizations at the time.

"I just want to thank you so much for everything. I had a great time there in Dublin. Every day was so special, my internship and my family were absolutely perfect...that was the time of my life."



Ghana is a great place to start or broaden your career in journalism. ELI works with several print media outlets in Accra where interns can experience the energy of the newsroom, assist the editorial staff, or even write articles. All journalism internships are set up on an individual basis.  Specific placements will depend on the experience, skills, and goals of the applicant.


This is a rare opportunity to intern with the top English language magazine in Chiang Mai! Chiang Mai is a fashionable Thai city, so this internship is a great fit for someone who is interested in lifestyle writing, event reporting, culture and interest pieces. Hours fluctuate based on assignment. Students who are at least rising juniors, majoring in journalism or communication are welcome to apply.

Interns in the project work with the Thai and foreign, native English speaking staff in one or many of the following areas:

*Web Design
*Print and design
*Multi media

The minimum time commitment is 4 weeks. No second language required, but a writing sample in English will be requested and you will want to bring your own laptop. 

"I had a lot of opportunities, received a lot of great feedback, and a lot of encouragement. My boss, an amazing woman, was very welcoming and took me under her wing, so to speak. She helped with my writing, allowed me to shadow her interviews and became somewhat of a mentor. They were very open at Citylife, and let me do as much as I wanted, giving me opportunities I would never have had in the western press. In my second month, I was even allowed to take my own pictures [which were published.] Thanks to the internship, if you Google my name, you can see my work. I now have a portfolio – not very big, but it’s an important start."

-Stacey, Journalism Intern

(Read the entire interview with Stacey and some of the articles she had published in Thailand here).


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