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Medical Programs


ELI has a wide range of very popular programs that can help you gain medical experience in a clinical setting. Some programs are open to pre-medical students with limited experience, while others require an extensive background in the healthcare industry.  Here is a list of the countries where clinical medical programs are possible, and the type of participant that each will accept.

Read the guidelines from the Association of American Medical Colleges a valuable overview of ethical issues when interning or volunteering abroad in medical/health related programs.

Country Pre-Med Students
Medical Students Medical Professional
Language Requirement
Argentina yes yes no intermediate Spanish
Cambodia yes yes yes no
Costa Rica no yes yes intermediate Spanish
Ecuador yes yes yes intermediate Spanish
Ghana yes yes yes no
Guatemala yes yes yes intermediate Spanish
India yes yes no no
Italy yes yes Yes no
Kenya yes yes yes no
Nepal yes yes yes no
Peru  yes  yes  yes  intermediate Spanish
Philippines yes no no no
Thailand yes,
shadowing only
yes no no
Uganda yes yes yes no
Vietnam yes,
shadowing only
yes no no

Aside from these clinical programs, ELI also offers placements in other related fields such as physical therapy, nutrition, and public health education.  Non-clinical health placements are available in most countries.

A Uganda Intern's Tale

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