Why Ireland?


Ireland with ELI Abroad

There’s never been a better time to intern in Ireland: now’s the time to make that dream of living abroad come true

With ELI, you can work in your field alongside the Irish and, in some cases, iinterns from around the world. You’ll be based in the lively and endlessly entertaining city of Dublin. And you can choose to live with a local family, help you integrate into the local culture and infinitely enrich your Irish experience.

Few countries offer volunteers so many work and travel options along with the chance to become a part of the community. What makes Ireland so special?

  • Ireland is welcoming -- you’ll find yourself singing in pubs along with Dubliners, learning from your employers, getting to know -- and possibly creating lifelong friendships -- with your host family, fellow workers, volunteers and travelers.
  • Ireland is full of opportunities -- you’ll gain valuable skills in exciting, and often competitive, placements in business, finance, IT, veterinary clinics, art galleries, law, media, graphic design, tourism, and more.
  • Ireland is affordable -- Prices are lower than in Great Britain, France, Germany or the Scandinavian countries, and your money will go farther today with a very favorable exchange rate of the U.S. dollar against the Euro. Fact is, Ireland hasn’t been this affordable in years!
  • Ireland is accessible -- you’d be surprised how much of the country you can see during your weekends. Exploring “The Emerald Isle” is easy and relatively inexpensive thanks to a convenient bus system linking cities and sites, and a nation-wide system of easy hiking trails that will take you to breathtakingly beautiful corners of the island.
  • Ireland is exciting -- you’ll never be bored! Dublin is home to countless pubs, world-class theater and eateries for every budget. The Irish love to party, laugh, congregate and celebrate their culture with world-class festivals dedicated to their music, dance, literature, history and arts. 2016 in particular will be a year to remember as Ireland welcomes the world to mark its Centenary Year with a slew of exhibits, activities and celebrations.

ELI Abroad has been sending volunteers and interns to Ireland for years. We partner with experienced organizations and well-regarded companies to ensure your placement will beef up your skills, enhance your resume and offer you the trip of a lifetime.

You’ve waited long enough. It’s now time to experience the Ireland adventure.

What will it be like?

We get it. Deciding to travel and work in an unknown country across the ocean can be intimidating. Which is why we asked past Ireland participants to describe their stay. Obviously, every internship or volunteer placement will be different, but note what these accounts all have in common: the support of the host family, the opportunities at the placement, and encouragement for those thinking about an Ireland venture.


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