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    1/13 - I'm in the middle. These are other participants on the program.
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    2/13 - This is the location of my apartment, Buckley Hall, located on Lower Buckingham Street on the North Side of Dublin. The location is ideal; it's a 3 minute walk from Connolly Station, Dublin's main transportation center. It's also a 15 minute walk from Temple Bar, the night-life hotspot of the city.
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    3/13 - The living room of the apartment is the main gathering point for my roommates and I. Here we hang out, share dinners, and discuss our day. The TV gets three channels, but there is absolutely no reason to ever turn it on.
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    4/13 - This is my bedroom. The room is extremely sizable (larger than my room at home) and contain two closets. The balcony of my room is my favorite part. It is ideal for people watching or just hanging out and reading.
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    5/13 - Here is the view from my balcony. The picture is a bit deceiving, but there is actually much more to see than in the picture itself. Right down the street is Amiens - the street that takes you directly towards the city center.
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    6/13 - Here is the first sight I see daily on my way to work. This is Amiens Street, looking South towards the river. The green building in the picture is the bank building. Directly to the left is Connolly Station.
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    7/13 - Here is Eden Quay, the main street following the river on the North Side of Dublin. In the morning it is a bustling street. In the afternoons it is less crowded. It is hands-down my favorite place in Dublin to go for a run. At night, a run on the river is calming and scenic.
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    8/13 - Here is another picture of Eden Quay (on the side of the street closer to the river). In this picture, you can see the O'Connell Bridge, the main bridge leading into the city centers on both the North and South Side, and what's commonly known as the Heineken Building (due to the fact that the large Heineken lights turn on at night).
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    9/13 - This is Grafton Street - the most popular shopping area in Dublin. This street has several designer stores, along with interesting, rare stores along side streets. It is a great place to do some shopping, and with the alleyways located everywhere around the street, it is a fun away to discover and associate yourself with the city.
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    10/13 - Here is the Butt Bridge, unofficial known as the Guinness Bridge. Note the large the support pillars in the shape of large Guinness drafts. This city is, understandably, absolutely crazy for the brew.
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    11/13 - This is Dublin Castle – one of the oldest areas in the city. The Castle was finished in 1230, nearly 800 years ago. The Castle is quite a sight to behold, but don’t overlook the beautiful garden situated behind the building.
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    12/13 - This is one of my favorite sights in the city: The Samuel Beckett Bridge, situated next to the Convention Center Dublin. The bridge opened up in 2009 and is an innovative design. It is intended to resemble the image of a harp lying on its side.
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    13/13 - Other than Dublin, there is much to do in Ireland. Galway and Connemara are just a three hour bus ride away, and round-trip tickets are usually less than 20 euros! Here is a picture of Kylemore Abbey, nestled within the mountains in the Connemara region.

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