• 1
    1/18 - Jasmine volunteered with a youth program in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • 2
    2/18 - My room (shared with two other girls) in the student residence. The residence was in Recoleta, a neighborhood that is pretty centrally located in Buenos Aires.
  • 3
    3/18 - “Tango-ing” at an outdoor café in La Boca.
  • 4
    4/18 - Watching gaucho games at the Feria de Mataderos while eating some yummy street food (choripán!).
  • 5
    5/18 - My first milonga (tango practice)- La Catedral in Recoleta.
  • 6
    6/18 - Posing in front of Teatro Colon. We were about to see La Bella Durmiente en el Bosque
  • 7
    7/18 - Volunteering after school at one of the comedors (soup kitchens). We made collage maps of the world.
  • 8
    8/18 - The kids are so sweet and work so hard. They are always asking for another worksheet to do!
  • 9
    9/18 - The Center also throws a birthday party every week circulating through each comedor. Face painting and doing each other’s make-up are some of the most popular activities.
  • 10
    10/18 - Sometimes, we let the kids borrow our cameras to take pictures of the party. It’s always fun to look at their pictures on the ride home, and occasionally you get an adorable picture like this one!
  • 11
  • 12
    12/18 - We took a day trip to Colonia, a historic town on the coast of Uruguay. Here I am standing in front of the City Gate.
  • 13
    13/18 - We also spent a weekend in Mendoza, the wine country of Argentina. This is one of the beautiful wineries that we visited on our biking wine tour.
  • 14
    14/18 - Every month, the Center plans a volunteer trip to Peruti, Misiones, an indigenous village in northern Argentina. This is more or less the center of the village, where everyone gathered and we spent hours playing with the kids.
  • 15
    15/18 - This is the school in Peruti where we cooked lunches for the village, made snacks for the kids, and ran our donation clothing drive.
  • 16
    16/18 - A girl from the village gave me this beautiful flower.
  • 17
    17/18 - Tickle Monster!!!
  • 18
    18/18 - After volunteering in Peruti, we were able to go see Iguazú Falls. It was basically miles and miles of gorgeous landscapes and awesome waterfalls. And lots of rainbows.

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