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    This is Barbara and Mary Ann on our first day in Tanzania. We are sisters of retirement age who decided to come to experience Tanzania through ELI's volunteer travel program. We found we were much older than the other volunteers, but our age was no barrier to full participation and enjoyment of the experience. We would encourage other people in our age group to consider this type of travel.
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    Before leaving on our adventure we had a"shower" to benefit the orphanage. People brought gifts and money which were of great benefit to Nkoaranga Orphanage. Each donor received e-mails during our time in Tanzania giving them an update on how their gifts and money were used. After returning home, each donor received pictures.
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    At the volunteer house we often sat outside and enjoyed the warm weather while relaxing.
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    A local 4 year old visited the volunteer house and "fixed" Mary Ann's hair.
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    Volunteers sometimes shared a beer at a nearby store.
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    We enjoyed seeing the local people in their colorful clothes, carrying  their babies and household goods along the main road of Tengeru.
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    Lake Duluti is walking distance from Tengeru and offers a beautiful  trail around the lake.
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    We had the opportunity to attend a church service in Tengeru.  The  service included lots of music and dancing, using a high tech sound system.
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    This is Nkoaranga Orphanage, where we volunteered Monday through  Friday. 22 children lived there when we first arrived and three more babies came while we were there.
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    We posed with the school children during an outside break.
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    Feeding the babies was one of the jobs we did daily.   Other jobs  included diaper changing, laundry folding, working in the classroom  and giving the children lots of attention.
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    Later we took a four day safari where we saw elephants in Lake Manyara Nat'l Park.
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    Here a lioness takes a drink near our vehicle.
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    We returned to the orphanage to say good-bye.  Here the children are  showing Barbara what they have learned about letters.
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    Here Mary Ann is saying good-bye to Mama Upendo who is the director of the orphanage. One little boy is just enjoying the attention.

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