• Nepal 01

    Nepal 01

    Nepali kids smiling on the streets of Patan
  • Nepal 02

    Nepal 02

    Nepali children spinning the praying wheels
  • Nepal 03

    Nepal 03

    In the budist tradition it's believed that the wind will take the praires and transport them in the air
  • Nepal 04

    Nepal 04

    City of Kathmandu in at the foot of the Himalayan mountain range
  • Nepal 05

    Nepal 05

    Girl in her "Bael Ceremony" where she gets married with a holy fruit.
  • Nepal 06

    Nepal 06

    Nepal is a land that shines with the light of spirituality
  • Nepal 07

    Nepal 07

    Nepali kids going to school in Nuwakot region
  • Nepal 08

    Nepal 08

    Although cities grow year by year still most of the population lives in the countryside
  • Nepal 09

    Nepal 09

    Prayer mills
  • Nepal 10

    Nepal 10

    Girl at the temple
  • Nepal11


    Although most of the population is Hindu, Buddhism plays an important role as well.
  • Nepal 12

    Nepal 12

    The way to enlightenment in boudanath stupa.

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