• 1/20


    This is when I was in Dakar Senegal. I took this rare selfie to send a message: The pillow around my neck is "required" to sleep for this 24-hour flight!
  • 2/20


    One thing I loved about South Africa is the currency. With this $200 bill, it was proven that a person could stretch this for up to 2 weeks at the most. Considering that $1 US dollar is worth almost $11 of their money, I'll take it!!!
  • 3/20


    Here at Camps Bay, this was a perfect day to capture the clouds curling around Table Mountain as I stood watching over the South Atlantic Ocean in amazement. My roommate, Jorn, couldn't have taken a better picture.
  • 4/20


    This is when I reported for my first day of interning at NICRO, a nationally known non profit organization in South Africa. As you can see by the gates surrounding the building, it is no surprise why Nelson Mandela referred to the dangers of the Mitchell's Plain section of Cape Town; which is precisely where I worked!
  • 5/20


    Being able to finally reach out to the youth here at Kwamfundo High School already got my internship off to a good start. As you can see, being an American guest lecturing to them felt like a celebrity here!
  • 6/20


    The first unique dish I had here was garlic snails. As challenging as this may look, it actually tastes great with Black Label Beer, cranberry juice, or Spring water!
  • 7/20


    This beautiful queen is Thelma. What she is wearing is part of a Xhosa tradition after getting married. She's one of the many co-workers that I miss very much.
  • 8/20


    Being at Windermere High School to speak to these safety ambassadors was very exciting. The gentleman to my left is Zali, one of my other co-workers. Once again, all of their questions about America made me feel like a celebrity!!!
  • 9/20


    Being at the Shimmy Beach Club to watch South African band Goldfish was my favorite party moment of this trip. Shout out to Jorn, my housemate for securing the tickets, because this concert sold out quick as you can see. My dude, Axel, is the gentlemen who threw up the peace sign at the perfect and last minute!
  • 10/20


    Don't mind me: I'm just looking over my accomplishment of climbing Table Mountain. It took 3 hours to climb, but once I made it to the top, all soreness just fell away!!!
  • 11/20


    It felt interesting to be in a place like Mitchell's Plain, where the cows can just walk around freely. However, they appeared to feel right at home wherever they went!
  • 12/20


    One thing about South Africa, is that they love to grill! Like this piece of a sheep that I was getting ready to eat. And I must say, it tasted AWESOME!!!
  • 13/20

    Looking at Cape Town from Robben Island was breathtaking as a tourist, but nowhere near as humbling as what you're about to see next!!!!
  • 14/20


    Behind me is the cell where the father of South Africa spent 18 of his 27 year sentence................Nelson Mandela.
  • 15/20


    Seeing this ostrich near the Cape of Good Hope was one of the coolest things ever. Especially, since it didn't mind posing for a picture!!!
  • 16/20


    Everyone talks about the Cape of Good Hope. However, accurate research teaches that not only is Cape Agulhas the most SOUTHERN part of the African continent, it is the place where the Indian and Atlantic Ocean really meet. So I decided to take a nap on the Indian side!!!!
  • 17/20


    On Nelson Mandela Day, which is July 18th, I did the only thing that I know would have made Mandela proud, volunteer for 67 an orphanage playing with the kids. Of course, when they found out I was an American, they went crazy................................
  • 18/20


    ....................and it was captured in a local newspaper!!!!!
  • 19/20


    This trip couldn't have been complete without visiting the first place in the African continent to EVER host the FIFA World Cup. Cape Town Stadium!
  • 20/20


    As I completed my internship, I celebrated by having afternoon tea at one of the top 5 hotels in the world. The Mount Nelson Hotel!! Pip pip! Good show! And I hope you enjoyed my journal there, ol' chap!!!

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