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    1/15 - The first weekend I was in Kenya I went to Masai Mara. It is the most well known and popular safari destination. Our driver, Paul, was amazing and was able to find this cheetah even though he was hiding in the bush!
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    2/15 - We also saw this male lion. Paul drove us right into the bush where he was sleeping. When he heard the engine he looked up at us wondering what the heck we were doing disturbing his nap.
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    3/15 - Giraffes are my favorite animal ever! They’re so majestic!
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    4/15 - My family while I was in Kenya. On the right was my host mother, ELI coordinator Rosemary, and in the middle is the cleaning woman Mary. From left to right there is Jenise, Ally and me from America. On the bottom are Kevin and Maireade from Ireland.
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    5/15 - I spent a majority of my time at PGH, the Provincial General Hospital. It serves the Rift Valley area and is considered the poor man’s hospital. All of the wards are spread out and are connected through outdoor walkways. The wards are often too small for the amount of people that need help and many times there are two to three people in a bed.
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    6/15 - This is the plaster room in the casualty ward, the equivalent of the ER in the U.S. The plaster room is where they set bones as well as take off and put on casts. There were two other rooms in casualty, the injection room and minor theater. When I was in casualty, I helped in the injection room to give patients shots of the drugs that they need, and also to dress wounds. I even got asked to help stitch someone’s head up!
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    7/15 - This picture is of one of my good friends from Kenya, Josephine. She was a nursing student at the medical school next door to the hospital.
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    8/15 - I met Josephine at the maternity ward at PGH. She was the first person that I met while volunteering at the hospital.
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    9/15 - This is a picture of me with the baby whose delivery I observed while in maternity! She was delivered with six fingers and six toes on each hand. She was SO cute!
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    10/15 - When I wasn’t working at the hospital, I volunteered part of the time at Gabriel’s Learning Center. There they have sewing, Swahili, and math classes for the adults of the Kaptembwa slum and they also have a nursery school for the young kids. When they’re old enough the center helps the kids go to primary school. This girl was a nursery school kid, but is now in primary school.
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    11/15 - Some of the nursery school kids from Gabriel’s. They were all so cute and love to climb all over you! All of the kids have uniforms that were made for them by the dress making students.
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    12/15 - My housemate Ally and I met a French Canadian who had started her own NGO called ROTH, Reach Out To Humanity. She invited us along while her organization went to go teach malaria prevention to a secondary school. Here we’re helping do a demonstration of how to use a mosquito net.
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    13/15 - These were the women of an organization named SWAK. They helped ROTH with handing out mosquito nets to the elderly and women with small children. The SWAK women help look after the needs of the people of Piave.
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    14/15 - The people of Piave with their mosquito nets.
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    15/15 - A view of Kenyatta Avenue, the Main Street of Nakuru, all of the shops and the market are on this street.

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