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    Nancy worked at a private hospital in Chiang Mai. Sign at the entrance to the hospital.
  • 2/14


    The Main entrance to McCormick Hospital.
  • 3/14


    View of the patient rooms from the 7th floor.
  • 4/14


    Hospital’s first x-ray machine that was donated by funding from the royal family.
  • 5/14


    Me examining a patient in pediatrics, most people come in with face masks for fear of H1N1 (as seen in the background).
  • 6/14


    Dr. Gamon examining a baby, who was later admitted.
  • 7/14


    Dr. Gamon and me outside of the Pediatrics OPD (Outpatient Department).
  • 8/14


    Me, Nurse Jieb (who I became friends with), and Dr, Gamon at the nurse’s station in OPD.
  • 9/14


    I was allowed to examine patients and give my assessment after Dr. Gamon had completed his initial exam.
  • 10/14


    The King's father's office when he did his residency at McCormick which contains his desk, bed, and a few historical items (he passed away 3 weeks into his residency).
  • 11/14


    Two of the other medical interns (Karen and Ritika) I met during my internship at the hospital.
  • 12/14


    Me with Dr. Praj, the anesthesiologist. He’s a really nice guy and offered to take me and a friend to Wat Doi Suthep in the mountains on my last day there and it was beautiful.
  • 13/14


    My third week was at McKean Rehabilitation Hospital (on its own island!), which was transitioning into a nursing home. It used to be a leper colony/rehab center. McKean teaches its leprosy patients skills to be productive and I helped two patients make banana chips (that they sell for income). The medication they take for leprosy turn their skin dark, but it’ll turn back to normal after they are taken off the medication.
  • 14/14

    McKean also sends teams out into the communities and trains volunteers on physical therapy techniques to help out the disabled in their communities.

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