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    This is the Malleson Street house where I lived with 8 other interns about 10 minutes from Cape Town. Our house had 5 bedrooms with 2 beds in each room. Each room had its own safe to put valuables in just in case as well a good amount of closet space for each person in the room. This house had a washer/dryer, 2 bathrooms, a living room with a T.V., and a pool for the summer months.
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    This is my room that I had by myself for a while until a new intern came and then we shared the room.
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    My internship required that I drive a good distance so this is the car that I was able to rent. It is an automatic car since I did not want to have to deal with a manual car while also driving on the opposite side of the road. These are not the best quality cars but it got me to work and the occasional weekend trips.
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    This is a picture of Table Mountain from the Garden Center area. One of the other houses available is close to this area and since you regularly hang out with all the houses it makes it easier to see more of the city.
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    A scenic picture of Cape Town from Signal Hill. Signal Hill is just a big hill that allows you to see all of Cape Town from a higher view without hiking to the top.
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    I worked as a physical education teacher at local low-income schools through an organization called Bottomup. This is me warming up with the kids before we start the fun and games.
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    Helping the kids while we did some crafts with them. Since I was there during the time of a school holiday we created a holiday camp for the kids in the area to have something to do. This is one of the many activities we did with the kids.
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    On top of Lions Head after an hour hiking up. The hike up took longer than I imagined and was not as easy as I had been told but it is worth it to see such an amazing view.
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    View from the top of Table Mountain. There are many ways to get to the top of Table Mountain and we chose one of the shorter easier hiking routes. We brought a little picnic with us and ate that while watching the sun set then we took the cable car down.
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    Before going on one of our weekend trips we stopped at a restaurant to get some food. There is a large variety of food options, which surprised me, but in a very good way.
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    At one of the many wine farms in a near by town called Stellenbosch. There are many different towns nearby that have hundreds of wine farms to visit. We went to two different farms in two different cities and had a great time at both. If you lie wine this is an inexpensive option that is also a lot of fun
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    This is the main building of the prison on Robben Island. There is a ferry that leaves from Waterfront every hour starting at 9 am. Seeing Nelson Mandela’s prison cell was really sad but an inspiring site as well.
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    We stopped at Boulders Beach on the way to Cape Point to see the penguins. Its about a 2 hour drive all the way to Cape Point and stopping to see the penguins is a must.
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    One weekend a group of some of the interns all went on a safari in Kruger National Park. While on the safari we saw many of the animals like giraffes, elephants, hippos, warthogs, and impala but we were not lucky enough to see lions or rhinos. We stayed at 2 different complexes both with great accommodations and service. If you are there during the time that a group is going then you should definitely go because it is hard to get a big enough group together to go so you might miss your chance, don’t let that happen!
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    On the way back from Kruger to the Jo’berg airport we stopped at Blyde River Canyon and took some pictures as well as shop at some of the stands for some souvenirs. Through out the drive you will have a chance to stop at the shops and stands on the side of the road. Don’t let these ladies haggle you too much but you can find some great gift and souvenirs.
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    Group of interns in front of Blyde River Canyon.
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    A small group of interns got together one weekend and went shark cage diving. It was amazing!! We were able to see about 8 Great White Sharks each about 4 meters long. The water was cold but once the adrenaline starts pumping from the sharks swimming right in your face, you start to ignore that feeling.

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