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    Robin volunteered with youth groups in Krakow, Poland. - Say "Hello" to some of the 60 children who joined in the fun on the very first day of Krakow&'s YMCA Summer in the City camp. The children were all aged between seven and twelve and today was spent at a local park letting off steam. Activities included scrambling up the climbing wall, races and generally having a lot of fun.
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    2/16 - Here are some of the boys on the climbing frame at one of the YMCA's camps. The "Summer in the City" camp was set up some years ago, to help out parents who couldn't take a holiday from the city. While they are working it means their children can spend the day having fun with other local children, visiting some of the attractions of the city and learning a little bit too.
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    Here are two youngsters at Krakow's Garden of Experiments. This is a site where there are interactive games to help people learn about balance, light, reflection, movement, gravity and science. The children really enjoyed themselves here, especially on the larger installations where they got the chance to swing and sway around! All in the name of learning of course!
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    There was a bit of "messing about on the water", as the children took to the seas - well the paddling lake in the local park - pedalos. During the four weeks there was lots of fun spent in and around the water as the children spent several fun days at the open air swimming pool and the city's Aqua Park with its fun-filled water slides, tunnels and wave machines.
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    Learning about plants and insects was the topic of this trip to the city's Botanical Gardens. The children learnt the names of different species and later were tested about them by their teachers.
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    Lessons in road safety for the children as the Krakow Community Police visited the YMCA. Lots of fun was had as the children acted out the roles of vehicles and pedestrians. Sneaking in a bit of education, while the children were enjoying themselves was key here at the camp, so the children would take away some valuable life skills at the end of the camp.
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    Table tennis time! There was plenty of competitive action on the courts as the children lined up to serve some ace shots.
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    Taking to the skies was the theme of this trip, as the children visited the city's Transport Museum. Among the attractions were WWII bomber planes, spitfires, trams and motorbikes of yesteryear.
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    Visiting a science museum, the children got to grips with quantum physics! Lots of fun was had riding a bike to produce enough energy to power a light bulb and taking part in other experiments, for these budding Einsteins.
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    Dinnertime was a ritual at the YMCA. The children liked to eat - a lot! They could often be found at the YMCA's tuck shop, but after a day's activities it was always a hearty bowl of Polish soup for the youngsters. Poland is known for its excellent broths and stews and soup is usually served with most meals.
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    The city of Krakow is fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful countryside, just a short tram or bus ride away, and here are some of the children on a nature walk. Kids being kids, they were intent on collecting as many snails as they could find for a photo shoot. I stress, no animals were hurt in the shooting of this picture.
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    There was plenty of potential Picassos among the children as these two are demonstrating. By the end of the camp a whole wall had been transformed into an art gallery of paintings and drawings by the girls and boys.
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    Volleyball was popular with the older children and there was always a mad dash to the courts, whenever the group visited a sports field. Pictured, about to serve, is one of the Polish coordinators. She certainly served a mean shot with the ball.
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    Football was another popular pastime - and one of the volunteer's duties was to referee the matches! No mean feat when you only speak English and you have a dozen young lads angrily disagreeing with your decision - in Polish! You quickly pick up the Polish for penalty shot though - and foul! Reczna!
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    They are not as mean as they look! These youngsters disguised themselves as pirates for a game in the local park.
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    They've been on the winning team! Taking part in the Summer in the City camp was a great experience, the children were fantastic and really eager and keen to speak and learn a little English with the volunteers. It was fun to pick up and learn some Polish words and customs as well with the children, and to visit and find out the history of Poland's most beautiful cities.

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